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Vanity Fair Underwear for Women

Finding your perfect panty fit has never been as easy as it is when you’re shopping for Vanity Fair underwear. A heritage brand founded in 1919, Vanity Fair is an intimate apparel house whose underwear and bras are designed on the tenants of premium quality, comfort, and style. They believe that every woman deserves quality and thus hold their panties to high standards to make sure they last wash after wash after wash. 

With Vanity Fair, you can be sure that your underwear will stand the test of time in a way not many other brands are able to boast about. Which is really one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for underwear. So opt for the sustainable and luxurious choice and choose Vanity Fair panties!

Vanity Fair Panty Styles

The thing about finding a really great panty brand is that you really need to make sure you’re getting the best women’s underwear for you. It might seem like an easy choice, but because Vanity Fair makes such premium women’s panties, they’ll last a long time. Which is awesome if you love the underwear you’ve chosen; but not the best if you’re not in love. Luckily, you don’t need to buy blindly, take a look at the list of styles below to get you started in finding which style of Vanity Fair panties is best for you!

Vanity Fair Bikini Panties

What do you get when you combine a classic underwear style with a classic brand? You get a pair of luxury women’s panties that are as pretty as they are practical. Bikini underwear refers to the style of panty that provides medium coverage while mirroring the shape of a a bikini swimsuit. These comfortable women’s panties tend to come in low- to mid-rise variations that make it a great choice to wear with low- to mid-rise pants without showing. Low-rise bikini panties, especially, are great for when you have a tricky waistline because they sit extra low on the hip.

Vanity Fair Hipster Panties

Looking for more coverage than a bikini but you still like the bikini shape? Vanity Fair hipster panties might be just what you’re looking for! A cross between a bikini and a boyshort, as the name suggests, the hipster rests on the hip as it extends a bit lower along the thigh than the bikini, but not as low and straight across as the boyshort. Hipster panties are an easy everyday favorite simply because of how comfy they are. Add in a dash of quality design and premium fabrics such as cotton and you have yourself a Vanity Fair classic panty.

Vanity Fair Briefs

The secret to a cute panty is in more than just the style, it’s also in the details and the coverage you receive. Having that extra level of support from your underwear can sometimes be the difference between a pair of luxury women’s panties that you love and underwear that you never seem to want to put on. With Vanity Fair briefs, you can customize the coverage you want without much effort. Just choose the waistline you’d prefer and the level of cheek you’d like to show off and look for a pair of Vanity Fair panties that’s the closest. Then, if you’re feeling extra stylish, opt for briefs that have lace trim.

Vanity Fair High-Cut Panties

Speaking of choosing the level of coverage that works best for you, you might want to take a look at the difference between high-cut and low-cut panties. Different from your waist, a high- or low-cut refers to the height of the cut your panties make along your hip and thigh. Boyshorts, for instance, are a great example of low-cut panties because they fall really low along the outer thigh. Hi-cut briefs, on the other hand, are cut high along the outer thigh which elongates the leg and gives a more comfortable and flexible range of motion along your hip.

Vanity Fair Seamless Panties

For the days when you want to be doubly sure your panties aren’t showing through your outfit, the Vanity Fair seamless panty is here to save the day. Molding to your body without digging in, these seamless women’s panties provide comfort and peace of mind in addition to their minimal design. Even better, their seamless qualities can come in any style, so pick your favorite and enjoy the benefits of an everyday panty you can completely forget about as you go about your day.

Vanity Fair Panties On Sale

Fallen in love with Vanity Fair panties but don’t love the price tag? Look no further than the Vanity Fair panty sale which offers select styles at a discount. Wait for the right moment to invest in your next favorite pair of panties or use these Vanity Fair underwear discounts as the perfect excuse to buy more underwear than you’d planned to. No matter how you best like to shop on a sale, rest assured you’re getting a great deal!


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