Cheeky Panties & Underwear

A lot of living is finding the right balance between two things - compromise, if you will. It’s like ordering a wrap instead of a burger for lunch or wearing a pair of practical - but stylish - sneakers instead of the heels you’d prefer. No matter who you are, compromise is something we’re all familiar with. With our underwear, however, you should never have to compromise. You should never have to compromise comfort for style. 

Finding your perfect panty, though, can sometimes be hard when what you want is somewhere in-between two popular styles. Such is the case with the amount of coverage you might like on your butt. While a thong leaves little to the imagination, a bikini might not show off enough to make you feel sexy. 

That’s where cheeky panties come in. 

What Are Cheeky Panties?

The middle ground between a thong and a bikini, cheeky underwear has a smaller band of fabric along your butt than what you would see with bikini underwear but has a larger band of fabric than the one you’d see with a thong. It’s the best of both worlds! Cheeky panties make your butt look great without compromising coverage. They’re designed to have a flattering cut and silhouette that’s both fun and flirty. 

Unsurprisingly, this sexy with coverage panty is a popular style that’s well loved by many and thus actually goes by more than one name. If you ever see the phrases Brazilian underwear, cheekini, or even cheekster, know that these are just nicknames to the cheeky panty style and refer to the same flattering silhouette.

Popular Cheeky Panty Styles

Knowing the style you want to wear isn’t all you need to know in order to get your next pair of flirty panties, you also need to know what designs, colors, and patterns exist so that you’re sure you’re getting the best cheeky underwear for you.

Lace Cheeky Panties

Want to hear a lingerie secret? If you add a bit of lace to whatever panty style you like best, you get a sensual and alluring pair of sexy and fashionable women’s panties. It really is that simple to turn a pair of comfortable cheeky underwear into sexy panties you’ll want to show off. Even better, this trick works with all panty styles that you may like so that your lingerie is as comfortable as it can be while still being as sexy as you’d like it to be. Try it out with your own pair of lace cheeky panties that will be sure to wow all day and stun during their big reveal.

Printed Cheeky Panties

Panties are more than just comfort and function, they’re also designed to make you feel good when you’re wearing them. That ego boost, though, doesn’t only come from wearing the most seductive and complicated lingerie you own, oftentimes that ego boost can come from wearing a pair of panties that make you happy. Of which, there’s no easier way to get a bit of joy out of your underwear than with a pair of printed cheeky panties. With endless fun patterns and designs, printed cheeky underwear gives a never-ending opportunity to express yourself with the underwear you choose. Match your printed cheeky panties with your mood, or even your clothes, and take on the day with that well-deserved happiness boost.

Seamless Cheeky Panties

Wearing a cute pair of Brazilian panties feels as good to wear as they are cute to look at. That being said, when it comes to your panties, just because they’re cute doesn’t mean you want other people to see them. Visible panty lines are never a fun outfit addition, so for the days when you want to be extra sure that your cheeky underwear stays unknown to anyone but you, you're going to want to try out a pair of seamless cheeky panties. Designed to remain unseen even under the thinnest of skinny jeans, seamless underwear has never been cuter than when it’s made in a cheeky panty style.

Cotton Cheeky Underwear

While having a pair of sexy panties is great to have in your drawer, sometimes having a pair of flirty or playful panties is more than enough. That’s where cotton cheeky panties come in. Made of a fabric that’s breathable, hypoallergenic, and moisture-wicking, cotton underwear is in a league above all others in terms of the healthiest and most comfortable fabric you can choose for your underwear. This high level of comfort makes cotton the best fabric to make up your everyday pair of cheeky panties.


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