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Women's Boyshort Underwear & Boyshort Panties

Sometimes the idea of something is better than the reality of it. Nowhere is this more true than with your underwear. 

As much as the thought of always wearing beautiful, dainty, and complex lingerie might sound like a confidence boost built on feeling beautiful in your panties, there’s no bigger reality check than the moment you become painfully aware of your underwear in every uncomfortable way imaginable. From wedgies to visible panty lines, there’s no better reminder that your panties should always be as comfortable as they are beautiful. So, for the days when lace thongs just aren’t going to cut it but you’re still in need of a seamless panty, you’re going to want to check out boyshort panties for women.

What are Boyshort Panties?

Women’s boyshort underwear are some of the best full-coverage panties available. They’re cute, comfy, and supportive, all while providing a full coverage silhouette that comes in versatile designs that fit every body type. Boyshorts are characterized by their resemblance to shorts, which they get from having a small inseam and coverage that extends down the outer thigh. They may also rest lower on the waist or extend to the belly-button depending on the amount of coverage you’d prefer. All this is to say that boyshort panties are some of the comfiest and most stylish everyday underwear options.

Boyshort Features & Styles

From the everyday underwear of choice to panties that have enough coverage to be worn with just a t-shirt while lounging around the house, women’s boyshort underwear is super functional. This is because of more than just the boyshort silhouette, boyshorts also come in a range of styles and features that make them a good fit for pretty much anyone. So whether you’re just in the market for a pair of no panty line panties or you specifically want panties that look like women’s boxer briefs, there’s a pair of women’s boyshort panties out there that will perfectly fit your needs.

Seamless Boyshort Underwear

One of the biggest benefits of the boyshort is that, when it comes to seamless underwear, they’re the full-coverage version of the thong. Because of their cut and the way they extend along the leg, they are a naturally seamless underwear. Then, add in additional detailing, construction, and seamless fabric choices, and you get a panty that is invisible, but can still give the maximum level of support. These features make seamless boyshort underwear an ideal panty choice to go under skirts and dresses that might normally show off your panty lines.

Cotton Boyshort Underwear

Choosing the best everyday or lounging panty is a bit more complicated than just paying attention to the cut of the underwear. Another consideration that is, arguably, just as important is the fabric that your boyshort panties are made out of. Of which, there is no healthier choice than cotton. Full of benefits such as breathability and being naturally moisture-wicking, cotton makes for super comfortable boyshort panties that are as great to wear on an everyday basis under clothes as they are to relax at home in with a comfy t-shirt and some fuzzy socks.

Shaping & Control Boyshorts

The trick to the best pair of panties you’ll ever own is finding a way to combine as many benefits as you can without compromising comfort or style. In the case of boyshort panties for women, one way to do this is by having your boyshort hipster panties also have shapewear benefits. More than just being seamless, with shaping qualities, you’ll be able to smooth out your problem areas and feel secure in the support that your underwear will provide. So whether you want a bit of tummy control or you’re in the market for underwear that gives your butt a lift, you won’t have to sacrifice feeling cute or being comfy while you get some extra benefits in your panties.

Lace Boyshort Underwear

Nothing screams lingerie more than lace. From lace edging that takes your boyshorts from sporty to sweet to fully sheer lace options that give a dose of confidence in a way only a truly sexy pair of panties can, lace detailing elevates your favorite underwear styles in a way no other material can. So feel confident in not only the comfort that comes from wearing a comfortable, full-coverage style, but also in the knowledge that the sexiest lingerie doesn’t have to be barely-there, you just have to be the one wearing it. So lean into the lace boyshort style that makes you feel your absolute best and remember that you’re the one that’s making your lingerie look so good.

Microfiber Boyshort Panties

It might not come as any surprise, but when you have a pair of naturally comfortable and seamless boyshort underwear, it not only makes for a great everyday panty, it can also be your new go-to workout underwear. Add in boyshorts made of microfiber, which is designed to rest softly against the skin, for movement, and for moisture absorption, and you have a pair of panties pretty much designed for activity. So if you consider yourself sporty or you need something for the days when you know you’re going to move a bit more than normal, microfiber boyshort panties are definitely worth a look. Plus, since microfiber is a synthetic material that is usually cheaper to produce than cotton, microfiber can make for mega affordable boyshort underwear.


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