Calvin Klein Underwear & Panties for Women

When it comes to underwear, few brands can compete with the iconic appeal created by Calvin Klein. What may have started as expert marketing on the beauty of clean and simple design, became a testament to how great underwear doesn’t need a bunch of features in order to make it the best. In fact, Calvin Klein underwear is as much a fashion statement to how comfort and quality rises above all else as much as it is a simple pair of panties.

All Calvin Klein underwear and bra styles are rooted in long-lasting construction and quality that stays breathable and comfortable all day long. This testament to quality has been, and still is, accompanied by beautiful, yet dramatic, imagery of famous celebrities and models sporting Calvin Klein underwear - without much else. This brough to focus the simplicity and quality of the underwear and made it an immediate fashion must-have.

What Makes Calvin Klein Underwear Special?

Simply put: Calvin Klein panties are created where quality design meets incredible marketing. Focusing on minimalism, Calvin Klein underwear for women can come in a range of styles but traditionally is characterized by plain cotton jersey fabric. In the cut and style of your choosing, the minimal jersey fabric is then accompanied with a thick white elastic waistband decorated with the Calvin Klein logo. This classic CK style has been updated over the years to include a range of colors and patterns that don’t always include the iconic waistband, but, no matter the evolution of style throughout the years, the classic CK logo waistband panties have always been a cult favorite. 

Calvin Klein Underwear Styles

While the first Calvin Klein panties were a mirror of men’s boxers and boxer briefs, the styles that the brand offers now have come a long way. With a plethora of options for a range of style and body needs, Calvin Klein underwear for women is made to be an everyday favorite that lasts.

Calvin Klein Seamless Underwear

Just because a brand is known for showing off, doesn’t mean it can’t create panties that stay hidden when you want them to. Calvin Klein seamless underwear features sleek design with just the right amount of coverage for a barely-there look and feel. Rest assured that your thinnest and lightest sundress or linen pants won’t be showing off any visible panty lines to everyone around you. Plus, to keep your underwear even more hidden beneath your clothing, Calvin Klein underwear for women comes in a range of nude colors that will blend into your skin tone so as to not contrast and show through light colored clothing pieces.

Calvin Klein Briefs

The brief is not only a classic style of underwear, it also happens to be a classic of the Calvin Klein underwear for women line. With both high-cut and low-cut options, Calvin Klein briefs come in both cotton and microfiber variations that are breathable and form comfortably to the body. CK logo waistband panties come in the brief silhouette and can rise low or high on the waist depending on your preference. If you’re feeling extra stylish, try out having your briefs peek through the top of your jeans as was done in some of the brands most spectacular ad campaigns.

Calvin Klein Thongs

There’s very little sexier than the thong and Calvin Klein panties are no exception. If you’re in the market for underwear that not only feels great, but also shows off your body to the best advantage, a Calvin Klein thong is the panty style for you. Choose from the lowest coverage option you can get, like the g-string, or opt for something with a bit more support such as a high-waisted thong. No matter your preference, there’s a stylish and long-lasting thong available for everyone!

Calvin Klein Underwear Sets

No list of Calvin Klein underwear would be complete without the holy grail of panty options: the set. Because, truly, there is no better panty option than the one that gives you the most panties overall. Calvin Klein panty sets come in traditional and newer styles with and without the CK logo waistband. They also come in material variations which can feature Calvin Klein cotton panties as well as Calvin Klein microfiber underwear depending on your preference. All that is to say that Calvin Klein underwear sets are really the best choice on this list of styles because you can get pretty much any style you want, just in three to four colorways.

Calvin Klein Boyshorts

No matter if you’re looking for low or high support panty options, there’s something for everyone. When you want to feel secure in your underwear, a high-coverage option like the boyshort can easily take you wherever you need to go with comfort and ease. The Calvin Klein boyshort has a sporty flare that combines beautifully with the classic CK logo waistband underwear style to make a pair of underwear that’s as cute as it is practical. And practical it is, boyshorts do more than provide coverage, they are also the seamless panty style with the most coverage so that you can go from leggings to white linen shorts without having to worry about visible panty lines.


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