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Top 6 Lingerie Trends of 2024


If there's one constant in life, it's that trends are always changing and evolving. One second skinny jeans are the world's greatest thing and the next they're out of fashion. And while you don't need to stay up to date on every fast-moving fashion trend headed your way, knowing what this year has to offer and deciding whether you want to try out some new styles will always be a super fun new year activity. Especially once you realize that outerwear fashion isn't the only thing that has trend cycles. Everything does! Including - our personal favorite - lingerie.

Regardless of whether you're looking to impress a romantic partner or just want to feel sexy throughout your everyday life, wearing lingerie can feel like a powerful secret. A secret filled with delicate fabrics, gorgeous designs, and the fact that you know you're wearing something that's just for you. Which is really just another way of saying that lingerie's secret lies in the confidence you feel when you're wearing something that you know you look good in. That's really what trends are all about: finding out which styles are perfect for you so that you can take part in them.

So if you want to know what the top lingerie trends of 2024 are, you're in the right place, here's everything you'll need to know to look hot, stay sexy, and feel confident.

Channel Your Inner Barbie with A Pop of Color

In the past, lingerie has felt like a super serious matter. It used to be stiff, uncomfortable, and only worn in a couple of colors. And while lingerie has become more comfortable and much less stiff, there haven't been many more color options than the classics: black, white, nude, and soft pink. Sexy, for sure. But also clearly designed to never be seen except for on special occasions. Which is great if that's what you're looking for - there is a reason these are the classic colors - but now there are lingerie options for those that just want to have some fun.

Which is why we're so happy that in a world defined by neutrals, lingerie dared to be different. 2024 is going to be a year of bright, bold, and -most importantly- fun colors. The brighter the better! If your lingerie doesn't immediately make you want to smile, then you probably shouldn't be wearing it. Which is exactly what this trend is all about!

Sheer Sensation

Feeling sexy lies in confidence. It's your secret weapon against the world. And while what makes you feel good about yourself is entirely up to your own personal feelings, there are some universal confidence boosters that almost everyone can feel good about. One of those being when you feel good in what you're wearing. For some, this may come in the form of your outerwear clothes, maybe your hair, makeup, piercings, or lack of any of the above. For others, confidence in your skin can come from your body and your intimate apparel, which is arguably one of the most intimate forms of confidence because lingerie is designed to highlight your natural physical features.

And what better way to feel good in your own body through intimate apparel than with lingerie that barely hides anything, while still giving all the support you may desire. Sheer lingerie is exactly that. Adorn your body with barely-there bits of luxurious fabric that not only highlight all your best features, but also offer all the support you would look for in your bra and underwear. It really is sheer perfection.

'Tis the Year to Strap In

This is going to be a year to lean into the parts of fashion that make you happiest. It's a time to dress exclusively for yourself and however you feel the best. And while for some people this can come in the form of bright colors, dainty silhouettes, and all-around traditional femininity, there are just as many options available for those that like to embrace the darker and sexier sides of fashion. Luckily, there's something for everyone! In the case of lingerie trends for 2024, some of the sexiest options are going to have strap detailing.

Case in point, have you seen the Fatale Padded Half Cup Bra and matching Fatale Thong? They're hot! And completely defined by their straps and faux leather. Talk about a powerful secret, strappy lingerie is designed to make you feel sinful. So if you're in the mood to dress like you're ready to be tied down, consider this strappy cage-style bra.

Lingerie Is Best When It's Seen by Everyone

While wearing lingerie can still be a secret that you decide when to reveal, finding any excuse to show off your lingerie pieces to the world can be just as powerful as it is visually gorgeous. And there's no better way to show off your lingerie pieces to the world than by styling lingerie in your everyday outfits.

Which is exactly what this trend is all about. 2024 is the time to show off your favorite chemises, sexy bra sets, teddies, or any lingerie style that you love in an outfit that centers around your most beautiful intimate apparel. It's a time to relish in feeling good and showing off. Something that is easier than ever to do with such beautiful lingerie and fashion trends that really accentuate loving our bodies.

Pair this sexy cowl neck bustier with a pair of relaxed fit, light-wash jeans and strappy sandals for a date night look or GNO that walks the line between sensual and casual.

Elegance & Edge: The Lace Bodysuit

When it comes to lingerie, all the best design features lie in the details. Strappy designs make for a sexy finish, sheer fabrics feel like a powerful statement, and there's very little more quintessential to lingerie than lace.

Luckily, for all the lace lovers out there, one of the trendiest lingerie pieces we’re seeing this year is the lace bodysuit. In 2024, designers are focused on patterns that flatter all body types, and effortlessly transition from underwear to statement pieces in layered outfits. The lace bodysuit is truly a celebration of personal style and body positivity this year.

Underwire Has Never Felt This Good

This is a year for support. With the past couple of years focusing on comfort and on taking the underwire out of our bras, it should come as no surprise that we're ready to add support and structure back into our underwear. Bra and lingerie brands everywhere have been thinking of how to make the underwire more comfortable and functional, and they've succeeded. Long gone are the days of underwire that digs into your skin and randomly snaps out of place. Now is the time for underwire that's as comfortable as it is supportive.

Underwire bras and panty sets with beautiful design details like lace, embroidery, and sheer fabrics can be supportive and comfortable while helping you feel like your sexiest self.

From the desk of: Shanan Sypkens

Shanan Sypkens is a freelance fashion writer and trend forecaster with 7 years of experience within the realm of women’s fashion and lingerie. She’s inspired by fashion as wearable art and finds great joy in the way people choose to express themselves through the lingerie and clothing that they choose to wear. She strongly believes that true style begins with comfort and there’s no better way to build a strong relationship with clothes than through an even stronger relationship with lingerie as it’s the foundation to everything you put on.

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