How to Measure Bra Size

With 20 years of experience, we know there's more to you than a number and a letter. By bringing you expert advice, smart tools like our Bra Finder and an unmatched selection of brands and sizes, we've transformed bra shopping: We get it right. We make it easy.

Bra Size Calculator

Finding your bra size used to take time and effort. Enter your measurements below and let us do the work for you!

1. Find your band size

Wear your favorite unpadded bra (no sports bras or minimizers, please), and take a snug measurement around your ribcage in inches, directly under your bust and level all around.

Type in your band size. If you got an odd number, round up to the next whole number (or our calculator will round up for you).

How to Measure Bra Size: Measure Your Band Size
How to Measure Bra Size: Measure Your Band Size
Measure Your Band Size

2. Measure Your Bust Size

Take a loose measurement in inches over the fullest part of your bust, keeping the tape level around your body. Ensure that the tape isn't too tight by taking a deep breath in and out.

Type in your bust size. If needed, round up to the nearest inch (or our calculator will round up for you).

How to Measure Bra Size: Measure Your Bust Size
How to Measure Bra Size: Measure Your Bust Size
Measure Your Bust Size

3. Determine Your Bra Cup Size

Hit CALCULATE to find out your bra size. Then be sure browse the best bra styles and brands for your bra size.

Or, subtract your band size from your bust size. The difference correlates to your cup size.

Bra Size Chart

Bra Sizing Example

If you want to calculate your bra size on your own, here’s a handy example: Your bust measurement is 48 inches, and your band size is 42 inches: 48 – 42 = 6. Using the chart above, you are a DDD cup (also known as a F cup), and you will want to shop for size 42DDD or 42F bras.

Get the Perfect Fitting Bra

How will you know when you've found the perfect bra size?

Like falling in love, when it happens, you'll know. Your breasts will be where you want them to be and look how you want them to look. You should feel lifted and supported, with zero pain. You know how when something doesn't feel quite right, it's all you can think about? This is the opposite of that. When the fit is fab, you won't think about your bra at all. You'll be contained, comfortable, confident and in control of your day. The perfect fitting bra frees you up to handle anything; it lets you do you.

That's why we never want you to settle for “good enough” again. Every time you put on a bra, check for the Fit 5, our favorite way of gauging whether it's the best fit for you.

How to Measure Bra Size: 5 steps to a better fitting bra

Converting Bra Sizes

A bra made by a US brand is sized differently than one from Europe or the UK, so anything above a D-cup may need to be converted. When you’re looking at bras on our site, we’ll let you know if you need to convert your size in the Fit Note under Product Details, or use the pop-up Convert My Size tool and let us do the work for you!

A Word About Bra Sizing

We get that bra size can be confusing, so think of it like jeans shopping. You don’t always wear the same size pants, and you would never assume a pair fits without trying it on first. The same is true for finding your bra size! Just as getting the perfect fit in denim depends on the brand, cut, style and rise, one bra style in one size might feel great; another, not so much.

Why You Should Have a Professional Bra Fitting

Our certified Bra Fit Experts can measure and fit you, by phone or online chat. Because our bodies are constantly changing, we recommend getting fitted every six months. We often find women are wearing too big of a band size and too small of a bra cup size. Our trained experts know how to quickly and easily get you into the best fitting bra.

Bra Sizing FAQs

Q: Does wearing the right bra size make a difference?
Wearing the right bra makes all the difference in how your clothes fit, how you feel, how your day goes. That’s why we are for everybody... and every body. Our bra selection—76 unique bra sizes in bands 28 to 58 and cup sizes AA to O—is unrivaled. We’re here to pair you with the perfect bras.
Shop: Bras

Q: Does the style of bra matter?
Yes! Start paying attention to which styles flatter your figure—bra types are so much more than a personal preference. Plunge bras are ideal for petites and close-set chests. Balconettes work for broader shoulders and full busts. Three- or four-part bra cups help center wide-set breasts. Smoothers banish back fat without sacrificing support.

Q: Does measuring your bra size always work?
Even with all the right measurements, you still have to try on a bra for fit.

Q: What matters most when finding your perfect bra size?
Stop paying attention to the letter and the number. You’re so much more than your bra size. Fit and support are what matter most.

Q: Do bra brands matter?
Yes. After 20 years in the business, we’ve found the best brands for petites are Chantelle, Natori, OnGossamer, Calvin Klein and DKNY. For average bra sizes, your best bets are Wacoal, Natori, Chantelle and Simone Pérèle. Those with full busts or larger chests will love Freya, Panache, Fantasie, Prima Donna and Empreinte. Curvy figures, check out Elomi, Goddess, Glamorise and Curvy Couture.

Q: Why does my underwire poke me?
If this is happening, you’re in the wrong size and it’s time for an intervention. The perfectly sized bra should never be painful or even annoying to wear. It exists, and we can help you find it.

Q: How many bras should I have?
The ideal wardrobe is made up of at least six bras: two nude and two black in styles that suit you, one strapless and one sports bra. Anything above and beyond is personal preference. For travel, pack two regular bras, a bralette, a sports bra if needed, a swimsuit and a pair of panties per day plus two extras.

Q: How should I store my bras?
Use a drawer to store your bras—nest them together, with cups splayed out lengthwise—and stash underwear and socks separately. Keep lingerie in a delicates bag to prevent snags, rips and fading.

Q: How should I wash my bras?
Discover the best way to care for your bras with our guide on how often to wash your bras.

Q: When should I buy new bras?
We recommend replacing your bras every six months (or sooner after weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy or weaning).

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