Bra Pads, Cups & Inserts

Finding the perfect bra can feel a bit like finding Cinderella’s slipper: like there’s only one out there for you in a crowd of options. In other words, super difficult. Especially if you have the fit and style you’re looking for but it’s just missing one thing to make it your dream bra. Luckily, for the moments when your bra is almost everything you’ve been searching for, bra accessories are here to bridge the gap between a good bra and your favorite bra.

What Are Bra Accessories?

Bra accessories are as add-ons that help to improve the bra in some way. This can come in the form of giving your breasts some extra lift, items that help to keep your bras around for longer, and even accessories that give certain benefits of a bra without actually being a bra. Basically, everything you need to keep your breasts lifted and your bras in good shape.

Types of Bra Accessories

As you can imagine, bra accessories is a general term that applies to a bunch of different types of useful products. To get you started in learning about all the different types of accessories, here’s a breakdown of the most popular styles, what they can do for you, and when to use them.

Bra Inserts

You know those removable cups that seem to come in every sports bra and swimsuit? If you’re unsure as to what a bra insert is, those are a good example of what they can look like. Bra inserts aren’t only used for modesty purposes like a removable cup, bra pads can also help to enhance your cleavage. Unsure what that means for you? Say you have a favorite bra that works well with a dress you want to wear for an event but you want to wow with a push-up effect. Instead of buying a brand new bra for that one occasion, use breast enhancers for your trusty bra and you’ll get the effect of a push-up without needing to go out and get another.

Bra pad inserts can increase support, add lift, and increase padding depending on the effect you’re looking to achieve. They also come in a range of colors and materials that can be used for different purposes. Most bra pad inserts are made from foam as they can be easier to wash, but another popular option is silicone which comfortably molds to the natural shape of the breast and forms to the body almost like an adhesive as it gets warmth from your body.

Bra Clips

Ever wanted to wear a tank top or a racerback shirt but the only bra you have with convertible straps is absolutely the wrong color? Or, you don’t have a convertible or racerback bra at all? If you have, there’s a bra accessory solution so you’ll never have to deal with that again. The bra clip connects the straps of your bra together. These clips can be used along the front or the back of the bra and redistribute the weight of support and the location of the straps so that they stay hidden underneath your clothing pieces.

Bra Laundry Accessories

While it’s important to make sure that your bras are working for you in every unique way you can imagine, it’s just as important that your favorite bras last you as long as possible. That’s where lingerie wash bags and delicate fabric detergent come in. An unfortunate truth of bra care is that washing a bra also damages a bra; it’s one of the main factors that causes a bra to deteriorate over time. Not all washing is equal in its damage to a bra, however, and there are ways to make sure your investment lasts as long as possible. 

A lingerie wash bag is designed to make sure your bra takes as little damage from your washing machine as possible. It acts as a literal barrier against anything your bra could be rubbing up against or get tangled in as it goes through its cycle, thereby protecting your bra from unnecessary damage. Delicate fabric wash is a similar accessory in that it’s made from a much more delicate solution that’s not as harmful to the fibers that make up a bra. When used as a pair, bra laundry accessories keep your bras rejuvenated and clean without the damage that can come from throwing your bras in the washing machine normally.

Bra Tapes

Not all bra accessories are additions to a bra, they can sometimes be substitutes. Bra tapes are one of these bra accessories. Made for the moments when your top won’t allow for you to even wear a backless bra but you want more support than what nipple covers have to offer, bra tapes and clip bras form to your bust and lift with adhesive application, leaving you lifted without wearing a bra at all. 

Bra tapes come in two main categories: silicone and adhesive. While both stick to the body they do it in very different ways and have completely different effects. Silicone, as mentioned above, sticks to the skin through body heat. It is a gentle adhesive type that can easily peel off of the body and be worn again. Adhesive tape, on the other hand, sticks much more firmly to the body but cannot be reused. Adhesive tapes are generally a good bet for all breast sizes but, depending on how the tape is cut, can be much more supportive than a silicone tape for larger bust sizes.


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