The Best Bras for Older Women

Ladies, if you’ve come to that age where you realize that putting on a bra is just another thing you have to do in the morning, we are with you. The truth is, as we age, our bodies change considerably, and our breasts are no different. Whether they have finally let gravity take over or you simply can’t find a bra that doesn’t pinch here or pull there, it can be difficult to find the best bra that fits comfortably or provides the best lift and support.

We did some digging, and we worked hard to find the best bras for you as you enjoy your golden years in comfort and style. Before you find the perfect bra for you, it’s essential to take the proper measurements.

Finding the perfect fit as an elderly woman

So many life changes can alter the shape and size of our breasts – whether it’s pregnancy, weight changes, or simply aging — as you grow older, it might be time to revisit your bra size. If you aren’t certain what your bra size is, we’ve outlined a simple process in our guide for measuring your bra size at home so you can feel confident purchasing online. The only thing you’ll need is a soft tape measure.

If you’re still unsure whether you’ve landed on the right size, one of our bra fit experts can help you find the best size and type of bra for your needs. Once you know your size, the fun part begins. Let’s get shopping!

The most comfortable bras for senior women

Let’s face it, at this age, comfort seems to be the most important thing to a lot of us women when choosing a bra. Consider something lightweight that won’t dig into your underarms, breasts, or ribs. That is where the bralette comes in.

A bralette is one of the best alternatives to bras for elderly women. They are incredibly lightweight and offer the coverage you’re looking for without constricting bands and materials. Think of a bralette like an undershirt, but fitted to your breasts and focused on your bust. Many older women prefer bralettes over bras because of their “nearly nothing” feel. Additionally, they come in many different styles, designs, and colors to give you even more options to work with.

Here are three bralettes that are perfect for senior women looking for alternatives to bras:

  1. Maidenform Pure Comfort Wire-Free Halter Bralette This bralette has class and function, as well as comfort. It provides coverage as well as support. What more could you ask more from a bra without an underwire? It’s available in four neutral colors including nude, black and white, so it’s versatile with any outfit.

  2. OnGossamer Cabana Cotton Bralette This bralette offers a little less coverage but is made with breathable cotton, making it moisture-wicking and ultra-comfortable. Available in seven colors, the Cabana Cotton Bralette is super versatile.

  3. Parfait Dalis Bralette If you’re looking for maximum coverage along with your comfort, the Dalis bralette is for you. This modal and spandex bralette is stretchy and comfortable, while providing shape with unlined, wire-free cups built in. It’s available in nine colors and a wide range of sizes.

Now, it’s important to note that bralettes tend to have less support when compared to conventional bras, so what do you do if you’re looking for a bra with more support?

The most supportive bras for senior women

If you’re looking for the best bras for sagging breasts, you will want a supportive bra. Additionally, for many, a supportive bra is a comfortable bra. Keeping your ladies in place while you take care of everyday tasks is a great way to avoid breast soreness and tenderness. There are a lot of great supportive bras for elderly women on the market today, but some of the best are actually called “side support bras”.

A good side support bra will have underwires that reach up toward the center of your bust, and most designs have wide bands to add to the support. However, one of the most important aspects of a good side support bra is the design of the cup. Cup design for side support bras is usually three or more pieces, with thicker materials that hold everything in place. Many older women with larger breasts tend to choose side support bras for this reason.

Here are three side support bra designs that we love:

  1. Panache Andorra Side Support Bra This full coverage underwire bra has 3-part cups and adds shape and support. It comes in larger sizes, starting at DD, making it a great option for women with larger busts.

  2. Chantelle Rive Gauche Side Support Bra This support bra is lightweight and delivers full coverage. It comes in smaller sizes than the Andorra side support bra and five different colors.

  3. Freya Offbeat Side Support Bra Also available for larger-breasted elderly women, the Offbeat Side Support Bra gives full coverage but with thinner straps. Cup sizes start at DD, and it’s available in three colors.

If side support bras aren’t your thing, or if you need smaller sizes, another supportive and comfortable option is a sports bra.

The best sports bras for older women

We know what you’re thinking, and no… you don’t have to be active to wear a sports bra. As a matter of fact, sports bras now come with different levels of support, and can be worn every day. They tend to be some of the best bras for sagging breasts without underwire; although, some do have underwires if you’re looking for extra support.

Sports bras come in low-impact, medium-impact and high-impact based on activity level. The higher the impact level of a sports bra, the more support it will give. So, if you’re looking for a sports bra to replace your everyday bras and give you more support and comfort, consider the low-impact sports bras.

Here are three low-impact sports bras for elderly women:

Remember that a great bustier will help you keep your breasts in place for a long night of dancing, but don’t forget that you can choose backless options as well. For women with large breasts, any winged bra is perfect for support and discretion. Here are two other backless options for women with large breasts:

  1. Under Armor Seamless Low Impact Wire-Free Sports Bra This seamless sports bra can be worn every day to give you the support you’re looking for without the constriction or contouring of a side support bra. It’s available in sizes XS to XL.

  2. Glamorise Zip-Up Front-Close Wire-Free Sports Bra Not only does this bra give great support, but it’s also a front-close bra, which means no more reaching behind you to get your clasps closed or fighting to get tight bras over your head. Cup sizes start at B, and this bra comes in three colors.

  3. Natori Yogi Underwire Sports Bra This bra offers full coverage as well as underwires for additional support. It also has adjustable straps to help you get the perfect size. Cup sizes start at B, and this bra comes in nine colors.

Ultimately, the style of bra you choose will be based on your shape and size, preferences, and lifestyle. Check out our Bra Finder to shop our selection of bras based on a short quiz to help us find the best bras suited to your body, your style, and your life.


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