How to Style Lingerie

There’s really nothing better than the look and feel of lingerie against the skin. It provokes feelings of confidence and sensuality without much effort. And maybe these feelings originate from the fact that for years lingerie has been seen as a sexy secret. Or, maybe, it’s just that the delicate fabrics and gorgeous details make for pieces that are so incredibly beautiful, we never really want to take them off. No matter what the reason is, any excuse to wear lingerie is a good excuse and nothing excites us more than the latest style trend of wearing lingerie as clothes.

From teddies and babydolls to corsets and bras, there seems to be endless possibilities and occasions for your lingerie to make its public debut. So to help you figure out how you want to pair your lingerie as clothes, here are our helpful style tips as well as some products that are vetted through our customers and recommended by our styling and fit experts

There’s Nothing Sexier Than a Slip Dress

Lingerie fashion can range from cute to downright scandalous with options for every person’s unique style offered in pretty much every lingerie type. But if you’re just starting out in wanting to wear lingerie in public the perfect place to start is with the slip dress. With the only real difference between a “regular” dress and a slip dress being the use of more luxurious and delicate materials, it’s the easiest piece of lingerie to incorporate into your everyday style.

Keeping It Casual

Because the slip dress is such a classic silhouette, all the best details come to how you choose to accessorize. For a casual look, pair a slip dress like the Papinelle Celine Silk Slip Nightgown with a denim jacket, an oversized button down, or a chunky cardigan along with a pair of sneakers. The dresses midi length combined with a pair of comfortable shoes and relaxed jacket make for the perfect look to run errands in.

Nights Out

When you’re looking to spice up a slip dress for either a night out or a date night, there are a couple of different routes you can go. One option is to opt for a very clean and fresh look with delicately layered jewelry and a pair of strappy heels to go with a slip dress like Kilo Brava Cowl Satin Midi Slip.

Another choice, and one more conducive to colder environments is to pair a slightly lacier slip dress like the Papinelle Camille Silk Mini Slip with a pair of knee high boots, a blazer, and a belt. If you’re feeling a bit chilly, layer the dress on top of a turtleneck and tights to complete the look.

A Touch of Glamour

Because slip dresses come in so many varieties, if you’re looking to make a show-stopping statement, you simply need to find a dress that looks and feels amazing. In the case of a more formal or romantic event, the Kilo Brava Satin & Lace Midi Slip paired with a stiletto heel is a sultry yet elegant statement look that’ll be perfect for the next time you want to turn a few heads.

It’s All in The Layers

One thing that you might encounter when styling lingerie is how revealing some of the styles can be. This can be great if you’re looking to make a bold statement, but if you’re wondering how to subtly wear lingerie, it can just as easily feel daunting. The good thing is that no matter your modesty preference, there is a way to comfortably style lingerie to wear in public and the key to doing so lies in layering.

Keeping It Casual

When styling lingerie as clothes, the lingerie doesn’t always have to be front and center. Sometimes, the suggestion of what’s underneath the clothing offers enough intrigue and detail to an outfit that you don’t have to have the lingerie front and center. To style a comfortable and subtle look, pair a lacy bra like the Kilo Brava Embroidery Triangle Bra with a low cut cardigan or sweater that shows off the edge detailing of the bra.

Nights Out

Another way to layer lingerie is by pairing a see-through top over a bold bra. This could be a black bra like the Panache Envy Side Support Balconette Bra or you can wear something a bit more daring like the Pour Moi Scandalous Bustier. No matter your personal preference, pairing a bold bra underneath a see-through top made out of a material like organza and a pair of sturdy jeans is going to look incredible.

A Touch of Glamour

Dressing up doesn’t always mean wearing a dress. If you’re looking to get dressed up and want to incorporate lingerie into an outfit, there’s very little better than a tailored or well-fitting suit. For a monochromatic look, pair the Curvy Kate Lucky Star Plunge Bodysuit with a matching suit. Add a tucked in, almost fully unbuttoned blouse on top of the bodysuit if you’d like a bit more coverage.

A Corset Can Be Many Things

As the shapewear of lingerie, outfits made with corsets and bustiers have been jumping in popularity recently. There’s just something about putting on clothing that is not only beautiful but can also help highlight your best features. It’s almost intoxicating how incredible a corset can make you feel. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that one of the most popular lingerie turned articles of clothing is the corset.

Keeping It Casual

To style an everyday look with a corset you need to keep proportions in mind. Corsets such as the Dominique Colette Lace Strapless Bustier are form-fitting and sexy. To make it truly balanced, try pairing it with a pair of oversized trousers or jeans. Pairing the delicate details of lace lingerie with jeans and trousers highlights how well structure and femininity can work together. Pair this ensemble with a pair of boots and a matching blazer if you’re wearing trousers. And if you’re looking to add a bit more oomph, try wearing a low rise. There’s nothing sexier than your hips peeking out between the bottom of the corset and the top of the pants.

Nights Out

There was a time when corsets were one of the more daring lingerie pieces to wear out. This is no longer the case. Corsets are seen out and about proudly and help add shape and structure to an outfit. When styling a corset like the Oh Là Là Chéri Athena Jacquard Bustier, don’t treat it like a shirt, instead wear it like a belt or an accessory. Worn on top of a billowing dress can give a romantic flair and if you want to keep your styling modern, feel free to pair it with a long sleeve turtleneck, a skirt or your choice of as much chunky jewelry as you can find.

Sheer Perfection

One of the best things about lingerie pieces are the luxurious and beautiful fabrics that are incorporated into their designs. Chiffon, silk, lace, and even more daring fabrics like leather all help to make unique pieces that you never really want to take off. Some of these materials also come with added benefits that play into their sultry nature. In the case of chiffon and lace, their sheer attributes make them both incredibly sensual as well as a bit more difficult to wear publicly when adding lingerie to your outfit. There are, however, some tricks to styling pieces that were designed with only the bedroom in mind.

Keeping It Casual

This may seem counterintuitive, but wearing something sheer on top of something else that’s already semi-transparent is a great way to up the opacity levels of your outfit. In the case of a bra like the Curvy Kate Unchained Sheer Plunge Bra, wear it on top of a sheer or lace bodysuit and a pair of leather pants. And if you still feel a little too exposed, wear a pair of our B-Six Nipples Skin Adhesive so you can rest easy.

Nights Out

The easiest way to style sheer items is to add them on top of another piece of clothing that is not transparent, or just make sure that only the bits you want showing are sheer. Teddies like the DKNY Sheers Convertible Bodysuit is opaque along the chest and torso and sheer along the sides and back. This makes it the perfect lingerie to style with a matching frilly skirt for a sexy yet elegant look to wear while on a date. And if you’re looking for an alternative that has a bit less structure, try the Dreamgirl Eyelash Lave Velvet Teddy that’s also available in plus sizes.

Above All Else, Confidence Is Key

The last, but most important, styling tip is that what matters most is how you feel. Putting on lingerie is an intimate moment so to feel comfortable wearing lingerie in public can feel daunting. Just remember that you should always wear what makes you happy and to take all these styling tips through the lens of what will make you feel the most confident. Because, at the end of the day, there will never be anything sexier than you feeling good in what you’re wearing.


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