Best Sports Bras for Large Breasts

Finding a sports bra can be a major challenge for women with large breasts. The bra needs to limit bounce, be structured enough to provide support and feel comfortable. So how do you find a DD+ sports bra that checks all three of these boxes? Our Bra Fit Experts will teach you the basics and give some of their favorite sports bras for large busts.


We’ve compiled the important sports bra features and our most helpful shopping tips for DD+ sports bras.

  • An underwire provides maximum structure and support. Some sports bras maximize comfort by using a flexible underwire or adding padding between the underwire and your skin. That said, it’s extremely important to make sure the fit is right. An ill-fitting underwire sports bra can pinch and dig into your skin if it’s not properly aligned with your body.
  • Adjustable straps offer extra lift for your breasts, so you can loosen or tighten the straps to get the most precise and comfortable fit.
  • When a sports bra offers more coverage, it can fight breast movement more effectively. Breasts don’t just bounce up and down when you work out—they oscillate in a figure-8 motion. Full-coverage bras help limit motions in all directions. The downside is that more coverage can also mean less airflow through the bra, so opt for breathable fabrics, moisture-wicking microfiber and built-in vents.
  • Encapsulation-style bras use an underwire structure to separate your breasts, reduce movement and eliminate sweat-induced chafing. For even more support, choose an encapsulation-compression sports bra, which will both hold your breasts in separate cups and press them against your body. As always, be sure the size is right, since the underwire structure—when ill-fitting—can be uncomfortable.
  • Inner slings, which are curved strips of soft fabric built into the cup, provide additional support without detracting from the comfort factor.

Tip: Comfort and fit go hand-in-hand. A bra that hugs you just so will help avoid any pinching and rubbing from underwire components and prevent the “uniboob” look. In order to make sure you pick the perfect size:

Tip: Wearing a sports bra that breathes well is a game-changer for comfort. Moisture-wicking sports bras and light, breathable materials like microfiber and polyester blends will keep your breasts from chafing and you from overheating. Many sports bras also are designed with vents and mesh to help you stay cool. If breathability has been an issue for you in the past, be wary of foam padding and linings that can trap heat.


Here are some of our favorite DD+ sports bras that will provide the support you need while keeping you comfortable:

DD+ Sports Bra: Brookds Fiona Wire-Free

Brooks Fiona Wire Free Sports Bra (compression style):

The vertical front seams reduce breast movement, and lightweight molded cups maintain the natural shape of your chest. The chances of chafing are greatly diminished thanks to the brushed underband and DRILAYER® moisture-wicking stretch microfiber.

Rave Reviews: "I love it and now have five of them. A bonus is they hold up very well and wash easily. From a girl of 40D, you won't regret this purchase."

DD+ Sports Bra: Panache Ultimate Maximum Control

Panache Ultimate Maximum Control Sports Bra (encapsulation style):**Best Seller**

Separate cups make this bra optimal for high-impact activities and large breasts, reducing bounce by a whopping 83 percent. The breathable mesh inserts and moisture-wicking stretch microfiber also keep you cool.

Rave Reviews:"So supportive, so comfy and doesn’t look like I’ve gone back in time to the days of binding."

DD+ Sports Bra: Wacoal Maximum Control

Wacoal Maximum Control Sports Bra (encapsulation/compression style):

This is an extremely comfortable encapsulation sports bra, as the underwire is positioned on the outside to avoid contact with skin. The breathable mesh back and moisture-wicking microfiber keep the skin dry, and the hook closure makes this bra very easy to put on and take off.

Rave Reviews:"The hook closure means I don’t have to panic trying to take the thing off, thinking I’m going to get stuck in it and call for help. It doesn’t ride up, and the wide non-elastic straps don’t dig in."

DD+ Sports Bra: Freya Sonic

Freya Sonic Sports Bra (encapsulation style):

It’s great for support while running because of the encapsulated cups, plus adjustable straps provide a more precise fit. Breathable, moisture-wicking, seam-free spacer fabric means amped-up comfort.

Rave Reviews:"The Freya sports bra is simply amazing: no bounce, no slip, breathable, and moisture-wicking with convertible straps, which accommodate different tops. The construction and materials are top-notch, no fraying or stretching even after a year of use."

DD+ Sports Bra: Natori Yogi Convertible

Natori Yogi Convertible Sports Bra (encapsulation/compression style):

Designed for mid-impact activities like cycling, this bra offers encapsulated cups for support and a compression design. The hidden underwire and foam cups create a natural shape, and the Coolmax polyester fabric wicks moisture away from the body and dries quickly.

Rave Reviews:"This is my second purchase of this bra. It’s great for keeping things in place for large-busted women who want to feel comfortable while exercising. I’m a 34G, and I could wear this bra all day. Many of the competitors’ bras feel way too confining to even consider extended wear."

DD+ Sports Bra: Le Mystere High Impact

Le Mystère High Impact Sports Bra(encapsulation style):

Encapsulated cups that support each breast individually, along with power mesh wings, make for a super comfortable fit. The rigid straps convert to crisscross to reduce bounce in high-impact sports.

Rave Reviews:"Being a full-figured gal, I have suffered from neck, shoulder and mid-back discomfort for many years. All of this is greatly improved since finding this bra. The cup and band support is so good that I don’t have to tighten the shoulder straps to the point of causing grooves or muscle pain. Happy!"


Finding a DD+ sports bra that combines comfort and support can feel like bringing home the gold. Bare Necessities has styles that satisfy a wide variety of needs, so you can get the perfect sports bra for you and focus on enjoying your favorite activities.

Shop all DD+ sports bras.

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