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Stories from Our Blog
  • The Bra Style Guide: Decoding the Most Popular Bra Types So You Don’t Have To

    There are approximately forty gazillion bra styles out there (we should know, we carry them all). So how do you narrow down which bra types are the best for you? Here’s a cheat sheet. Ideally, you’ll have at least 6 bras in the mix—two nude, two black, and have fun with the rest—to get through the week. (Bras work hard, they’ve ...

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  • Top 5 Big Boob Problems and How to Solve Them

    The struggle is real, especially in the summer, if you have big boobs. Or, you know, any boobs. We asked our resident fairy godmother, lead amBRAssador™ Mette Iacouvou (a size 34I, for the record), to divulge her smartest bra solves for even the stickiest of situations.  1. Two words: UNDERBOOB SWEAT. How to manage sweaty boobs:...

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  • What’s Your Sign? A Horoscope for Your Bra Drawer

    While we may not have a crystal ball with which to predict the future, we can tell you how your love for your lingerie is written in the stars. And really, isn’t that a lifelong love affair? So grab your coffee, cozy up and find out exactly what bra style your astrological sign says you should be wearing. AQUARIUS (1/20-2/18) F...

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  • See Why the Half Cup Size Bra Doesn’t Exist and Find Real Solutions for Half-Size Problems

    If you’re plugged into pop culture, you’re probably hearing about half-size bras. At Bare Necessities, we know the phenomenon is nothing new; it’s been tried many times before. Playtex introduced the “Thank Goodness It Fits” collection years ago, which included “nearly” sizes (Nearly A, Nearly B and Nearly C) and the “Half Sizes...

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