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Spandex Thong Panties

The best kind of choice is the one where you don’t actually have to choose at all. Why choose between chocolate or ice cream when you can have chocolate ice cream, or, in the case of your panties, why choose between your preferred fabric and your favorite panty style when you can have both. Don’t settle for spandex or a thong when you can have spandex thong panties. It’s the best of both worlds without the compromise. 

Everything you need to know about spandex:

  • Spandex is comfortable. More than comfortable really, it feels incredible against the skin as it’s both lightweight and super soft. The lightweight nature of spandex, specifically, makes it even more comfortable to wear as underwear since it makes it easy to forget you’re wearing it at all.

  • Spandex has a lot of stretch and flexibility. Speaking of forgetting you’re wearing any underwear at all, spandex molds to the skin and contours to your body’s movements. It’s incredibly flexible which is one of the reasons that spandex is known as a popular fabric in athletic wear. 

  • Spandex is a durable fabric. The trick to any good fabric is getting it to last as long as possible. In the case of spandex, its durability is specifically engineered to keep its original shape despite being stretched to alternative ones. 

  • Spandex doesn’t wrinkle. More than bouncing back into shape and lasting a long time, spandex doesn’t wrinkle. So while you might have to worry about your natural fabrics like cotton retaining their crumpled shape, spandex will always look smooth and put together - even after being stuffed in a gym bag or a suitcase.

Everything you need to know about thongs:

  • Thongs are sexy. Alright, that’s a matter of opinion, but this barely-there low-coverage look is the epitome of sexy underwear and definitely a huge appeal when choosing to wear a thong. 

  • Thongs are seamless. There aren’t many seamless underwear options out there, but the thong is one of them. Stretchy spandex thongs make for panties that don’t show any visible panty lines through your clothing. 

  • Thongs are lightweight and comfortable. Their lightweight nature makes them incredibly comfortable for most people. Thongs don’t ride up or dig into your skin, and because of their design, they don’t give a wedgie the way that more full-coverage options might. Though, if you’re not convinced, just check out this article of our Most Comfortable Thongs which has been backed by out fit experts and countless customer reviews.

Caring For Your Spandex Thongs

Knowing that spandex thongs are durable is one thing, learning what that means when it comes to caring for them is another. Follow these simple steps to keep your spandex thongs lasting wear after wear:

  1. Place your spandex thong in a garment laundry bag. This is to protect your spandex from any unnecessary damage while in the washing machine that may come in the form of unnecessary stretching and wear and tear. 

  2. Set your washing machine. Make sure that your settings are set to a gentle cycle and use cool or cold water. Hot water can damage spandex fibers and potentially reduce the elasticity that spandex is known for.

  3. Air dry. As mentioned above, heat can damage the fibers that make up your spandex thongs. To avoid any unnecessary damage to your spandex pieces, air dry your spandex thongs away from the sun or any direct heat. This may take a bit of time, but the results are worth it.

Styles of Spandex Thongs

Just because you’ve decided to invest in some comfortable spandex thongs, doesn’t mean you’re done making decisions. Fortunately, choosing underwear is a personalized experience that caters to whatever specific need you might have. Which means that if you’re looking for plus size spandex thongs with a high cut, there’s something out there for you. Lacy sexy spandex thongs that can take you from everyday comfort to a show stopping lingerie look? You’ve got it! There are so many features and colors that you can choose to make your spandex thongs perfect for you.

Seamless Spandex Thongs

Seamless spandex thongs won’t show through in even your trickiest clothing pieces. They use the natural shape of a thong in combination with seamless cuts, fabrics, and stitching techniques to make spandex thong panties that go completely unnoticeable.

Sheer Spandex Thongs

Thongs are naturally sexy; they show off your body, highlight your natural shape, and are just plain comfortable. All in all, a great panty choice for when you want to feel confident in your own skin. But what about the days when you want a bit more than the natural sexy that spandex thongs can provide? If you’ve found yourself in need of a jaw dropping moment, you’re going to want to check out sheer spandex thongs. These spandex thong panties can either be completely sheer, covered in lace, or have the most delicate of sheer or lace details. No matter your preference, if you want a bit of oomph, sheer spandex thongs are the thong for you!

Shaping and Control Spandex Thongs

Most of the time, when you think of a thong, you’re thinking of barely-there panties that show off your butt and leave little to the imagination. And while low-rise spandex thongs and spandex g-string panties that cover as little as possible definitely exist, if you want a bit more coverage, there are shaping and control spandex thongs available as well. These styles of thongs typically have a higher waist and feature shaping and slimming properties along the hips and stomach all while keeping the classic thong shape along the butt. What’s even better, is that while these panties are designed to keep you feeling supported and snug, they are still super breathable spandex thongs that prioritize comfort above all else.

High Cut Spandex Thongs

Achieving the shape you want isn’t always about using the right shapewear, sometimes the look you want is best achieved through the design of your underwear. In the case of a high cut spandex thong, the cut and design of the thong makes your legs appear longer because the cut of the thong falls much higher along the hip than other styles. 


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