Women's Satin Panties & Underwear

There’s nothing sexier than the confidence you get from feeling comfortable in your own skin and no better way to feel confident than by looking good in your underwear. Getting an ego boost from your underwear doesn’t only come from wearing cute or sexy panties, it also comes from those lingerie items being super comfortable to wear. Finding that perfect combination can sometimes feel a bit daunting, but with satin underwear for women, it has never been easier. 

High-quality satin underwear is luxe, sultry, and soft against the skin - something that makes it an ideal fabric for those with sensitive skin. Plus, because satin is a type of fabric, satin panties for women come in a bunch of different styles, colors, and designs which make them a versatile panty that can fit seamlessly into your existing wardrobe. So regardless of whether you like high-waisted briefs or low-waisted g-string thongs, there’s a satin panty out there for everyone.

Are satin panties good to wear?

As far as underwear fabric goes, satin is a beautiful choice for lingerie. It’s smooth to the touch, feels soft against the skin, and has a luminous sheen that accompanies its inherent opacity and lightweight nature. All this is to say that women’s satin underwear feels as good on the skin as it does look beautiful to the eyes. 

That’s not all! Satin benefits don’t stop at beauty and comfort because satin doesn’t actually refer to a material, it refers to the way a material weaves together to create a fabric with a glossy finish. This means that satin can be made out of any material the designer wishes. Or, more importantly, it means that you can be getting the benefits of a cotton blend nylon all while wearing a stunning pair of satin panties. Simply put, satin is by far one of the best materials for lingerie available.

What is the difference between silk and satin panties?

Silk is a natural raw material that can be weaved into fabric, whereas satin is the way a raw material such as silk is weaved together. So while silk and satin can sometimes look like similar fabrics, this is because of the satin weave. 

Silk is a luxurious and delicate raw material that has a lot of beneficial natural properties such as being breathable and moisture-wicking. It’s also a great fabric choice for panties and when paired with a satin weave, makes for incredibly luxurious silk satin panties. Silk, however, is also a pretty expensive fabric, so if you’re in the market for some more affordable satin lingerie, it might be best to skip the silk and opt for a satin made of a synthetic material instead.

Women’s Satin Underwear Styles

Shopping for satin underwear is almost as fun as wearing them if you know where to look. And, luckily, if you’re reading this, then you do. But in case you’re unsure as to the sultry styles of elegant satin lingerie available, take a look at what’s listed below so that you can get an idea of where to best hunt for your next comfortable satin lingerie piece.

Satin Bikini Panties

Choosing the right satin panty style for you is most likely going to come down to design and coverage. Because, simply put, there’s no need to look at satin g-string thongs if you like lots of coverage in your underwear. But, if you’re not quite sure of how much coverage you truly want, a safe bet is to go for a medium coverage panty like satin bikini briefs. Bikini style underwear gets its name from the swimsuit of the same name and tends to sit lower on the hips and show off a bit of cheek. It’s a super popular style that’s a favorite lingerie silhouette due to how comfortable and easy to wear it is.

Satin Brief Underwear

An underwear style that rests naturally higher on the waist and offers a decent amount of coverage along your cheeks, the brief is comfortable and cute. The satin brief is a classic panty style that’s well loved for how well it can transition from the greatest everyday panty to an absolute lingerie knock out with the right combination of added details. One of which is the choice between regular or hi-cut briefs which completely change the shape and the look of the panties. Add in details such as lace and mesh as well as bold colors like scarlet and magenta as opposed to pale pinks and nude colors, and you get a super versatile panty style that can be used to fit any occasion you might want to wear it for.

Satin Thongs

Sexy satin panties are a must-have in every wardrobe for the days when you want to be comfortable as you make your big reveal and there’s no better way to do that than with a thong. Satin thongs are designed to offer as little coverage along the cheeks as possible which is what gives them their super sexy appearance. Though, just because a satin thong shows off your butt, doesn’t mean you can’t get a little tummy support if you want it. Satin thongs come in a bunch of different coverage options that range from the slinkiest g-strings to ultra high-waist.

Satin Hipsters

Satin hipster panties get their name from the way they hug your hips in a smoothing, stylish, and comfortable way. They offer a comfortable medium amount of coverage, but, depending on the waistline you prefer, can give more or less. High-waisted satin hipsters are an elegant satin lingerie style that combine a bit of old world flare with modern embellishments. Such a style of underwear is good for every body type and shape, but can be especially striking when made as plus size satin underwear. 

Satin Boyshort Panties

As much as satin boyshorts are sexy, sophisticated, and soft, the boyshort silhouette is also a great underwear style because it’s seamless. While the thong is also a seamless panty option, there are some days when you want a bit more coverage than they can provide. On such days, a satin boyshort is a great alternative as it gives coverage along the leg, butt, and waist in a silhouette that’s a bit sporty and a lot sultry.


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