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Bliss Cotton Girl Brief
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Feathers Hipster
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B-Smooth Hi-Cut Brief
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Soft Stretch Full Brief
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Matilda Full Brief
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Illumination String Bikini
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Nylon Underwear for Women

Let’s face it, when it comes to clothing, there’s nothing more intimate than your underwear. There’s simply no clothing item that sits closer to the skin, which means that if you’re going to pay attention to the material of your clothes, there’s also no other clothing material more important than that of your panties. That’s where women’s nylon panties come in. 

Nylon is a synthetic material created to be durable, lightweight, and easy to wash. As an underwear material, it’s one of the very best and not only does it come in a variety of cute styles, it also comes with a bunch of benefits that are sure to make nylon your favorite go-to underwear fabric.

Benefits of Nylon Panties

As with other synthetic materials, nylon was created and designed with the purpose of comfort and wearability. Because nylon was designed to solve some of the problems that come with other natural fabrics, nylon is pretty much the fabric superhero of underwear.

1. Nylon Panties are Durable. Synthetic fabrics like nylon are made to stand the test of time, so it shouldn’t come as a shock when you find out that one of the biggest benefits of nylon panties is how strong and durable they are. Because nylon is made out of such a sturdy material, it can last through more-than-average wear-and-tear and the washing that comes after. Plus, after throwing nylon in the washing machine, it resists shrinkage and wrinkles which make it even easier to wash.

2. Nylon Underwear is Lightweight. One of the most important aspects of your underwear is the comfort you feel while wearing it. And while there are a lot of factors that determine how comfortable your panties are to wear, something that will never hurt is that barely-there feel. Nylon, because of how lightweight it is, gives just that feeling. Why, you might ask? Well, due to the fact that nylon is one of the lightest synthetic materials for underwear available.

3. Nylon Panties are Breathable. Having breathable underwear is not only important for your comfort, it’s also important for your overall vaginal health and for sensitive skin. Luckily, nylon is so breathable, it is not only great for physical health and sensitive skin, it’s also a popular fabrics for working out. Nylon is able to rapidly dry in addition to being water-repellent so that you can rest easy in comfort and health when you wear your nylon underwear.

4. Nylon Panties are Moisture-Wicking. Speaking of water-repellant qualities, nylon is naturally moisture-wicking as it forces moisture to the surface so that it can evaporate. Making it an awesome panty choice for when you’re going to be a bit more active or plan to workout.

5. Nylon Panties Are A Good Deal. More than everything else listed above, because nylon is man-made, it’s also much cheaper to produce than natural fabrics. Which, usually, also means that panties made out of this material tend to be a better price than their natural-fabric counterparts. So not only is nylon underwear for women durable enough to have a longer life-span than other panties, it’s able to do that while being a good price to begin with - talk about getting the most bang for your buck!

What’s the Difference Between Nylon and Other Fabrics Used in Underwear? 

The biggest difference between nylon and other fabric lies in what makes up a fabric. Because while there are weave and construction techniques that can create alternative benefits from a fabric, the material the fabric is constructed out of has unique characteristics that make it different from other materials. In the case of nylon, it is a man-made material based in plastics which allows for nylon fabric to be more durable and affordable. Most synthetic fabrics have these qualities. What truly separates nylon from the rest is how lightweight and soft against the skin it is. 

The lightweight nature of nylon mirrors that of a natural fiber such as cotton or silk without the price tag and lack of stretch that comes with natural materials. So, when you choose nylon, you’re getting the best of both the synthetic and natural worlds in your underwear.

Nylon Underwear Styles

Buying nylon underwear online doesn’t end at knowing what fabric you want your panties to be. It’s actually just the start of what you have to decide before you reach check-out. One such choice is the style of panty that you’d like to wear. Women’s nylon panties come in pretty much any style you can think of, but if you find that you’re unsure of what style you like best, don’t worry! Below is a list of all the different durable nylon panties that are out there along with what sets them apart from each other.

Nylon Bikini Panties

Low-rise, incredibly flattering, and unlimited comfort, the bikini panty style is a classic for a reason. This style of underwear is a great everyday panty option that, when combined with the benefits of moisture-wicking nylon panties, is a perfect partner to a day of running errands or that low-rise skirt you’ve been wanting to try out during the summer months. Nylon bikini panties are the perfect companion when you want a comfortable barely-there feel while still getting all the support you could want.

Nylon Briefs

While comfort is completely subjective and based on your own opinion, briefs are notoriously the most comfortable underwear style. They come in many coverage and rise options depending on what you like to wear as well as thigh cuts that can be cut higher or lower on the leg. Nylon briefs make for an awesome high-waist nylon panty that you can pair with high-waisted clothing items, a short dress that you’d like a bit more coverage with, or even with an oversized t-shirt and scrunched up socks to lounge around the house in.

Nylon Thongs

Comfortable nylon lingerie has never looks as good as it does when it’s in the style of a thong. Known as one of the sexiest panty styles, a thong makes for some of the best nylon panties for women because of how its delicate nature combines with the lightweight durability of nylon. Thongs show off the most skin which also means that they tend to be a much less durable style of underwear. However, when made out of nylon, a thong makes for sexy, flirty, and durable nylon panties. 

Nylon Hipster Panties

Hipster panties get their name from the way they hug your hips. They’re the cross between a bikini and a boyshort and have the benefits that come with both. Hipsters can rest lower or higher along the waist and have thigh cuts that usually fall somewhere between the low leg of a boyshort and a higher cut of a bikini. Hipsters are cute and comfortable and when combined with small details such as lace, it makes for a great panty for everyday wear as well as special lingerie moments.

Nylon Boyshorts

When you buy nylon underwear online, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with options, but if you’re looking for a workout panty that’s as comfortable as it is breathable, look no further than moisture-wicking nylon boyshorts. Boyshort underwear is the style of women’s underwear that looks like miniature form-hugging shorts. They’re naturally seamless, sporty-cute, and super comfortable! They’re the perfect panty for every body shape and size that wants a bit more coverage and support from their underwear.

Nylon Cheeky Underwear

Just because you’re wanting to invest in a pair of durable nylon panties, doesn’t mean you can’t get a little flirty. Cheeky panties refers not only to the level of cheek you’re showing off in this underwear style, it’s also a great way of pointing out how cute and saucy you’ll look in a cheeky nylon panty. So show off just the right amount of cheek in this flirty style that’s just made for showing off.

Seamless Nylon Underwear

Everyone has those outfits that are picture perfect except for the mega-obvious panty lines. And while visible panty lines aren’t the worst thing in the world, and can definitely be less noticeable with a bit of confidence. Sometimes, your going to want your slip dress to fall without being caught in your underwear. Enter the seamless nylon panty. With seamless features that are sure to make your panty lines disappear, you’ll never have your outfit ruined by your panties ever again.

Shaping and Control Nylon Panties

Speaking of special outfits that can be helped with your underwear, did you know that shapewear underwear is a thing? Light control around the stomach and rear, nylon shapewear panties blend seamlessly into your outfit, comfortably mold to your skin, and even help out with some trouble areas so you can take on your special moments with a peace of mind that only comes from shapewear.