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Lace panties & cute lace underwear

Looking to feel sexy without compromising support or comfort? In the realm of intimate apparel, the comfiest - and sexiest- underwear you can wear are lace panties. They’re one of the few lingerie pieces that are as much an everyday staple as they are a sultry secret that you get to show off. What’s even better is that they come in so many styles and colors that there’s seriously something for everyone!

They’re so versatile that lace underwear is pretty much an underwear drawer staple. So whether you’re a lace panty veteran or are looking to purchase your first pair, here are all the styles that you should keep in mind while you shop.

Lace Thongs

The secret to women’s underwear lies in comfort and confidence. Comfort, because, duh, you want your underwear to be comfy. But confidence all lies in how the panties you’re wearing make you feel. Your underwear should make you feel sexy, confident, and beautiful - something that the thong does easily. Lace thongs are light and comfortable in addition to being super sexy - they’re kind of one of the most romantic underwear styles out there. Plus, since thongs are inherently no-show because of their cheeky design, any lace thongs you choose to wear are a great choice to pair with a silky fabric such as a satin slip dress so that you don’t get the visible panty lines you’re used to seeing through the thin fabric.

Lace Briefs

On the other end of the cheeky spectrum from a thong is a brief. Lace briefs provide coverage all around the front, rear, and sides but can range from sitting low or high on the hip depending on the style you go for. For the days when you want coverage and support, a lace brief offers the right balance of feminine lace detailing and everyday wearability. What’s even better is that depending on how much style you’re looking for, lace panties of all styles have different amounts of lace. Some designer lingerie briefs are made entirely out of lace while others have only trace amounts of lace lining the edges as a cute detail.  

Seamless Lace Panties

If you want to guarantee no visible panty lines without having to skimp on coverage or beautiful lace details, look no further than seamless lace panties. Seamless lace underwear is designed to not show through even your thinnest fabrics so you can rest easy that, even in the middle of summer when the fabrics are lightweight and breezy, that your lace underwear isn’t going to be seen unless you want it to be. 

Sheer Lace Panties

Sometimes, on extra special occasions, a little bit of lace just doesn’t cut it when you want to show off your sexiest lace lingerie. Luckily, in these moments sheer underwear is there to save the day. Sheer lace underwear can come in any style and describes a pair of women’s underwear where the main fabric used is sheer in nature; and since lace is naturally a little see-through, sheer underwear can also describe full-lace lingerie. This style of underwear is a great choice for those special moments in your life when you want to feel your sexiest, and if you opt for the white lace panties, they’re also a great option for your bridal lingerie - especially when paired with a matching lace bra.

Lace Boyshort Underwear

If you’re not wearing seamless underwear but you still want the seamless look, it can sometimes feel like your only option is to wear a thong. Thongs are awesome! But sometimes, you want a bit more coverage. That’s where the boyshort comes in. This lace underwear style comes further down the leg and can extend a bit higher along the waist to avoid panty lines without taking away coverage. In fact, with lace boyshorts, you’re not only not taking away coverage, you’re actually getting more coverage than you would be with your normal lace underwear. Because of this lace boyshort underwear is an awesome choice for the days when you want to lounge around the house without wearing pants at all or for when you’re wearing something thin and form such as a pair of slim fitting pants.

Lace Bikini Underwear

No list of women’s underwear would be complete without the bikini and this list of best lace panty styles is no different. Lace bikini underwear is a classic style because it hugs the hips, sits low on the waist, and gives coverage while still showing off some cheek. This style of lace underwear is great with low and mid rise bottoms as they hug the hips. What’s even better is that because this is such a well-loved style that it not only comes in a bunch of colors, it also has a bunch of patterned lace panty options just in case you’re a maximalist at heart.