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High-Cut Underwear & Panties

Half the fun of wearing lingerie is the confidence you feel from looking good in it. And while sometimes this is best accomplished by intricate designs, sultry fabrics, and delicate detailing, a lot of the time, the trick to feeling good in your underwear comes down to cut and fit. Due to their flattering silhouette, high-cut panties can really elevate your style.

What Makes High-Cut Panties Unique?

High-cut panties sit higher on the leg than a traditional cut and sit just above the highest part of your thigh. This higher cut along the waist gives the illusion of elongating the thigh by not drawing a visual line across the way a traditional cut would. This unique cut makes for a super flattering pair of panties that make your legs look super long!

Don’t get high-cut panties confused with high-waisted panties; while they might have a word in common they mean completely different things. Whereas high-cut underwear for women refers to the cut of the leg, high-waist refers to where along the waist a pair of panties rises to. Usually the different levels for the waist are a low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise. 

French Cut vs High-Cut

Now that you know the difference between regular panties, high-cut and high-waisted ones, it's time to move onto something a bit simpler: the French cut. A French cut is literally the exact same thing as a high-cut underwear, they both refer to a higher cut-out along the leg that leads to the illusion of a longer leg. It’s that easy. If you’re searching for high cut underwear and the label says French cut, you’re looking in the right place.

High-Cut Panty Styles

Flattering high-cut underwear have more reasons to be worn than just being pretty to look at and making your legs look super long. Something that, while desirable, wouldn’t exactly explain the hype of the underwear. Luckily, there’s more to high-cut panties than what meets the eye. More than looking cute on all body shapes and sizes, high-cut underwear have many benefits, including good coverage while still being sexy, a softy and comfortable fit, a larger and more comfortable range of motion along the hips, and helps to hide visible panty lines. Plus, you can get high-cut panties in a range of styles that are suited to fit your preferences.

High-Cut Briefs

The classic high-cut panty style, high-cut briefs give all you’d traditionally get from this silhouette with all the seductive benefits of having a higher cut. High cut briefs provide more coverage for your cheeks than most other panty styles, so when combined with a high-cut, you get a pair of French cut panties that show off some skin without compromising coverage. High-cut briefs are also a good go-to underwear to pair under a sheer outfit as everything you would want covered underneath a sheer skirt or dress is, all while extending the visual line of your legs.

High-Cut Bikini Panties

Just because most high-cut underwear styles also happen to be high waisted, doesn’t mean they all are. In the case of bikini panties, which tend to be low- to mid-rise, you’re still able to get a high-cut should you want one. This style of underwear makes for a great everyday underwear when you plan on wearing lower-rise pants or skirts. 

High-Cut Thongs

Looking for a seamless and sexy high-cut option? You’ve found it! High-cut thongs ride high along the hip and show off both your legs and your butt in a way that makes them some of the sexiest panties available for purchase. Even better, because thongs are naturally seamless and high-cut panty styles allow for lots of hip and leg mobility, the high-cut thong makes for one of the best underwear options to wear under leggings or while working out.

High-Cut Panties For Every Occasion

Searching for high-cut panties online can sometimes mean that it’s hard to search through the sea of options available to you. However, now that you know a little something about the styles of high-cut panties that are out there, let’s narrow down your choices a bit further by going over the types of fabrics that make high-cut panties an option for every occasion.

Everyday High-Cut Panties

What makes an everyday high-cut panty one that you’ll want to wear everyday isn’t always determined by the fabric. That being said, wearing the wrong fabric for you will quickly mean that you don’t wear that pair of panties on a consistent basis. If you’re unsure if you’re comfortable wearing satin or silk throughout the day, the best thing to do is to start shopping for your everyday panties with certain fabrics in mind. Specifically, high-cut cotton panties are breathable, comfortable, and form-fitting without digging into your skin. Other fabric types you might want to check out are nylon and spandex, which can give your high-cut underwear some added support.

Special Occasion High-Cut Panties

Sexy is what you make of it, and while you definitely look incredible in a more casual cotton high-cut panty, wearing high-cut lingerie pieces made out of delicate and beautiful fabrics has a decadent appeal that’s unbeatable. So for the moments when you want to flaunt every curve and show off to another person how truly incredible you look in lingerie, you’ll want to check out our high-cut lace, satin, and even mesh panties. These fabrics accompany the seductive design of the high-cut panty in lingerie that ends up being just as comfortable as it is beautiful.


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