G-String Panties & Underwear

Figuring out which thong is the best thong can be a pretty divisive topic. Especially when, with so many great styles to choose from, most of the time, figuring out what the best thong style is comes down to personal preference. Looking for a thong with high coverage and support? You might like shaping and control thongs. Prefer more of a seamless look? Definitely check out our seamless thong options. What about if you’re looking for minimal coverage that also eliminates visible panty lines? Look no further than g-string panties. 

What are G-String Panties?

A g-string is the most minimal of the panty styles, characterized by a thin bit of fabric - best described as a string - that wraps around the waist and between the cheeks. This string should be thin, comfortable, and seamless enough that it cannot be seen through even the silkiest of dresses. G-string panties can be worn by absolutely everyone and are a perfect fit for the days when you want a barely-there look and feel to your no panty line underwear.

The g-string isn’t just a pair of minimal coverage panties either, g-string panties are also super sexy. Because of how little coverage they can provide, the g-string is one of the sexiest panty styles you can choose. Especially if you opt for a lace or silk g-string which is as luxurious against the skin as it is easy on the eyes.

G-Strings Vs. Thongs

But, isn’t a g-string just a thong? If you’re wondering what makes the g-string different from the thong, you wouldn’t be the first. So to clear up any confusion, here’s everything you need to know about the two panty styles. The simplest thing to know is that all g-strings are thongs, but not all thongs are g-string panties. Kind of like the difference between a rectangle and a square. This is because g-string panties are a type of thong that are characterized by a unique style and composition of fabric. As noted above, this style is best described as a string that connects in a ’T’ shape at the tailbone.

A thong, on the other hand, can look very different from g-string panties and have features such as a large waistband, and more coverage in general. Most thongs also tend to provide a bit more coverage than the g-string. Though, less than other panty styles nonetheless. Thongs are a great minimal coverage panty, but for when you truly want no panty line underwear, g-string panties will always be the best barely-there panty option.

G-String Styles & Fabrics

Now that you know what makes up a g-string and the difference between a g-string thong and a regular thong, you can now move onto the fun part: shopping. Choosing the right g-string has never been easier! Just take a look at some of the best fabrics, features, and styles that g-strings have to offer and you’ll be ready to checkout in no time.

Seamless G-string Panties

Everyone has those pieces that seem to show, in great detail, absolutely anything that you’re wearing underneath it. Whether it’s the thinnest of linen, the most beautiful of silks, or a satin that makes it feel impossible to get rid of visible panty lines, there’s really only one style of panties that will remain invisible no matter what your pesky piece of clothing happens to be: the seamless g-string. Since g-string panties are naturally seamless, when you combine them with seamless materials, design elements, and construction, you get a pair of underwear that no one else will ever be able to see that you’re wearing - through your clothes that is.

Sheer G-String Panties

Looking and feeling sexy doesn’t always mean showing off skin. Though there are days when nothing can give more confidence than showing off as much skin as possible. For those days, you’ll want to slip on a sexy g-string panty that leaves nothing to the imagination. Enter the sheer g-string thong. From sheer mesh throughout to stunning lace detailing, there’s a sexy g-string panty for everyone no matter your personal style, body shape or size. In fact, plus size g-string panties are some of the most beautiful plus size lingerie panties out there because of how well they highlight the body’s curves.

Lace G-String Panties

Classic for a reason, lace is a lingerie material that feels incredible while worn, looks beautiful on the body, and can be made into any lingerie style. All this is to say that a lace g-string is not only a stunning addition to any intimate apparel wardrobe, it’s also a super comfortable and endlessly versatile one. Plus, since lace is a decorative detail as much as it is a material, you can have g-string bikinis and thongs made up entirely of lace or have it be a dusting along the edge. Moreover, from dainty bows to delicate pearls and sultry straps, you can mix and match the details you want on your lace g-string panties to fit the exact style you’re looking for.

Silk G-String Panties

The hunt for the perfect g-string thong isn’t only about style. Oftentimes, material is just as, if not more, important than the decorative details. Of which, there are few materials better for the skin and overall health than natural fibers. The most well-known natural fiber for panties is cotton. Cotton will always be the healthiest panty option, but if you’re looking for something a bit more sultry with a lot of the same benefits, look no further than silk. Silk is not only a beautiful fabric choice for g-string panties, it is also incredibly soft against the skin and has moisture-wicking benefits similar to cotton. With silk panties, you get the best of both worlds: a natural fabric that looks as beautiful as it feels.

Microfiber G-String Panties

Speaking of materials to keep in mind while you search for your newest g-string panty, you’re going to want to take a look at our microfiber options. More durable than natural materials, and soft to the touch, microfiber g-string thongs will last longer than other g-strings of different materials. Plus, because of their synthetic nature, microfiber can be a cheaper alternative that doesn’t look any different to your most beautiful lingerie item.


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