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Spandex Boyshorts for Women

From loungewear to working out, and even shaping underwear for your most special occasions, spandex boyshorts are an underwear lifesaver of epic proportions. It comes from being a great combo of material and style which make a pair of panties so versatile, you’ll never run out of occasions to wear them. So if you’re the type of person that wants their underwear to mold to their lifestyle as it changes, look no further than spandex boyshorts for women for panties that are as flexible as your needs are versatile.

Benefits of Spandex Boyshorts

Understanding why women’s spandex boyshort panties are so great starts with understanding the benefits of both the style of underwear and the fabric. Luckily, if you don’t know much about either, that’s perfectly okay. Below is a quick list of every benefit you should know about spandex and boy short underwear.

What’s So Great About Spandex?

  • It’s super comfy. Spandex is a lightweight, soft, and smooth fabric that molds to the body, making it one of the most comfortable underwear fabrics out there. 

  • Spandex is all about stretch. Molding to the body doesn’t only make spandex comfortable, it also means that spandex is a fabric that’s uniquely great at stretching. Not only to your body shape, but also to your body’s movement - all while retaining its original shape. So no matter if you’re going on a day of running errands or practicing gymnastics, spandex will hold its shape while you wear it and when you take it off.

  • Don’t forget about durability. To get that cost-per-wear down, you want underwear that’s durable made out of a fabric that’s strong. That’s where spandex comes in. Due to it’s ability to stretch while reverting back to its shape, the fibers that make up spandex are also super strong and will last a long time.

  • Easy to wash and even easier to wear. This is pretty linked to durability, but because of how strong of a fabric spandex is, it’s super easy to care for. You can just throw it in the wash and you can expect it to come out, pretty much, as good as new. Plus, it doesn’t wrinkle which means that you don’t have to worry about that crumpled look that your underwear can get from being stashed at the bottom of your underwear drawer for too long.

  • Spandex has slimming properties. When you’re buying spandex boyshorts online, you’re also getting boyshorts that compress slightly and act as shapewear. Spandex fabric is a popular fabric used with shapewear pieces, but with full-coverage spandex panties, you’re getting support and slimming properties around your butt, thighs, hips, and stomach.

All the Benefits of Boyshorts:

  • No visible panty lines. Perhaps one of the most immediate benefits of boyshorts is that their cut doesn’t give visible panty lines. Since their shape doesn’t cut across the butt, and instead cuts straight across the leg and thigh, the boyshort makes for a great companion to those tricky outfits that seem to show every small lump and bump of your underwear.

  • Full coverage and support. A lof of time, when it comes to underwear, in order to get benefits like unseen panty lines, you have to sacrifice coverage. Luckily, with the boyshort, you don’t have to. Boyshorts provide some of the most coverage for underwear all while giving you all the benefits of less-coverage options.

  • A great style for any type of activity level. If you think about it, there are a lot of parallels between the clothing that you wear when you’re doing nothing and what you wear when you’re working out or being active. Comfort and movability are the main focuses, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that boyshorts, which are great for lounging around at home with nothing more than a t-shirt, are also a go-to companion for your workout. 

What’s the Difference Between Spandex and Other Fabrics Used in Underwear?

The factors that set spandex apart from other panty fabrics lies in its soft stretch. The stretchiness of spandex boyshorts combined with the softness of the material, makes for a fabric that’s not only elastic with shaping and control benefits, but also super comfortable to wear. This effortless wearability is the most important factor when choosing spandex over other fabrics, and what sets it apart from everything else.

Spandex Boyshort Features

Women’s spandex boyshort panties are one of the most comfortable and versatile options available. This versatility combines with soft and stretchy fabric that molds to the body and your movements so that you end up with a full-coverage spandex panties that encourage movement in their all-day wear design. The benefits of stylish spandex panties don’t stop there, there are also a range of features that you can choose from within your underwear so that you know you’re getting the right panty for you. Try seamless spandex boyshorts for a barely-there feel and to avoid VPLs with your favorite outfits; or sheer spandex boyshorts to elevate your favorite panties from underwear to lingerie.


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