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Between New Year’s resolutions to get into better shape, Covid continuing to upend the world and the general stress of being a sentient adult, now is the optimal time to get a stress-busting workout in place.

Bare it All asked certified personal trainer Analise Jimenez to come up with a super effective yet super simple regimen anyone can knock out at home. What follows are the basic high-impact exercises all of her clients do. Once you’ve got those essential moves down, try her variations, which wake up different muscles and keep you engaged as the weeks whip by.

“Your optimal workout depends on your current fitness level and what you’re trying to accomplish,” Analise says. “Standard bodyweight workouts three days a week is a good goal. On your active rest days, get your steps in.”

Read on for Analise’s professional program and advice on everything from staying motivated to what’s best to wear. Plus, all month long, she’ll take you through this exact workout in videos on our social media channels. Follow along to check your form, then check yourself out. Your 2022 just got going.


“Burpees are always the exercise that my clients dread, but you can break down the classic jump-squat-plank-push up down into modified versions,” says Analise. “I try to add other movements into the mix to make it more exciting and different. For someone more advanced or bored of the same old burpee, I like to add a knee-high jump at the end instead of a regular jump. If you struggle with the push-up portion, I like to add in a butt kick: This will keep the intensity up and let you practice the push-ups in a slower, more controlled way.”


“I love squats because of all the types you can do and because they’re a really great functional movement to practice. Basic squats can be made more difficult even if you don’t have access to extra resistance. Two ways I love to supercharge my squats: Try adding in a pulse or a jump before each rep. I also love B-stance squats. These squats, where one foot is slightly behind you, introduce an element of balance that makes them more challenging.”


“Planks are tricky; a lot of people struggle with them. Some basic cues for form that I often give: Squeeze your glutes, focus on keeping your breaths even and be sure to stack your shoulders over your elbows. Once you master the plank, it’s time to incorporate variations. I really love plank hip dips, which also engage your obliques and lower back. Another twist is a plank-to-push. Start in a push-up plank and lower into a forearm plank. Perform each movement 10-20 times or for 30-45 seconds.”


“If you don’t have a lot of space to do walking lunges, make a simple lunge spicier by adding a kickback or performing jumping lunges. A lunge with a kickback is like a normal lunge plus some booty engagement. It can also be performed with a resistance band. Jumping lunges are a bit more advanced because they add extra cardio. Don’t forget to squeeze your core in all lunges for balance and proper form. Another tip: A narrower stance will engage more of your quads, and a wider stance will engage more of your glutes, hamstrings and inner thighs. Mix it up!”


“Running in place with your knees coming up to 90-degrees, high knees are a must in a lot of my HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts. Modify them to decrease or increase intensity. For example, sprint knees utilize the exact same form, only faster. Banded high knees are a great way to add resistance, safety and control, which is important if you’re recovering from an injury.”

Analise Jimenez on motivation—

Even exercise pros like Analise need to dig deep to keep the momentum going: “I have clients at 5 AM, and I have clients at 8 PM. When my energy starts to dip, I have to remind myself of the end goal. Whether it’s your kids or your clients or yourself, there’s always someone watching you and holding you accountable. Don’t let them down.”

On working with what you’ve got—

You can use resistance bands, dumbbells, wrist and ankle weights…even water jugs or a backpack loaded with books, says Analise. The more resistance you add, the harder the workout gets…and the fewer reps you need to do.

On personal trainers—

Working with a trainer, even remotely, is another way to keep renewing your commitment. “I like to work out with trainers myself because there’s always something new to learn. Even if you know your form, it can be motivating. They can come up with new programming to keep things fresh.”

On dressing for success—

You have to dress the part to get into the right headspace, says Analise, who wears a 30F bra. “Comfort comes first. A lot of my clients are constantly adjusting or holding their boobs while trying to do high-knees, and that’s distracting,” she says. “Dress for what you want to accomplish.” Start with our supportive, stylish activewear.

On pushing through—

Pride is powerful. Analise’s personal mantra when she needs a burst of motivation: “Don’t be the person who quits.”

On fitness apps and trackers—

“Use them if they’re a confidence-booster, if they motivate you,” says Analise, who relies on the Interval Timer app.

On making exercise a habit—

“The only way to make fitness a routine you’re going to stick with is to make your goals small and attainable so that you don't burn out. Resist the urge to change everything about your life all at once. There are resolutions, and then there’s what’s realistic.”

Though based in Los Angeles, Train with Analise offers customized and online programming to clients all over the country. Love her as much as we do? Be sure to follow Analise on Instagram and TikTok, or swing by her website. Coming soon: virtual classes.

Updated 1.11.2022

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