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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know if I have the right fit?

A bra that fits well will feel comfortable and give you a great shape. The center of the bra in between the cups should lie flat against the chest, your breasts should not be spilling out on the sides or top, the back band is straight across, not riding up, and the straps don't dig into your shoulders. Bottom line: if it fits well you won't want to take it off the instant you get home.

My underwire pokes me!

You may need to try a different style. You may also be wearing the wrong size. Check your fit: are your breasts spilling out over the top and sides of your bra? This is a sign that your cup size is too small. Are the wires coming up too high under your arms? Your cup size may be too big. You may also find that you would be most comfortable in a no wire soft-cup bra.

I'm full busted, and my shirts always gap between the buttons.

Try a minimizer bra. These bras can minimize your bust by up to 1-1/2 inches and minimize shape up to a full cup size- while maintaining a beautiful shape.

I hate back fat! I always get a bulge above and below my bra band.

There are bras designed to smooth those bulges. Try "Bra-llelujah" by Spanx. You may also like the all-over smoothing fit of a "shaping camisole". It'll make your clothes look fantastic. See all back-smoothing options.

My bra cups are wrinkly and bumpy under my clothes.

If you have wrinkling happening in your cups, you should try sizing down a cup size.

How do I get a smooth look under knits- so nothing (really nothing) shows?

A seamless T-shirt bra will do the trick. It will give you a smooth look with no embarrassing show-through.

I love sexy bras, but by mid-day, I'm popping out!

You're just not wearing the right style for you. You may be wearing a cup size too small, but you may also want to try a slightly more full coverage style. There are lots of sexy bras that will keep you in place.

My bra is tight and irritating around the band. By mid-day, I can't wait to get it off!

Try loosening your band. If you're already on the loosest hook, you might want to try going up a band size. Sometimes when you do this, you'll have to go down a cup size. Don't get discouraged - it may take a few try-ons to find the right combination.

My straps are too long and fall off my shoulders.

You should look for a bra that has fully adjustable straps. Straps that don't fully adjust limit your comfort and allow for slippage. Another helpful style for you would be a bra that has close-set straps (similar to a U-back style). It helps anchor the straps to your body and prevents them from falling off the shoulders.

What bra is best to convert from day to night?

Wearing a convertible bra is your best bet. Many convertible bras can be worn traditionally, criss-crossed, halter style or strapless.

I'm petite and don't always like wearing a bra. What do you suggest?

Try a bandeau bra. It's supportive enough for small busted women and comfortable for all day wear. You may also like a no-wire soft cup bra for comfortable coverage without the structure of an underwire bra.

How do I convert my bra size to European or UK sizing?

It can be tricky finding your comparable size from one designer to the next. It's important to read the information on each product's detail page, it will tell you whether the bra is a European or UK style. If it is, you can refer to our bra size conversion chart, below, as a guide to choosing the right size for you. Typically, there's no difference in US/European/UK sizing until you get to a DD cup size.

Size Conversion

WE TAKE FIT PERSONALLY Try our bra finder
WE TAKE FIT PERSONALLY Try our bra finder


Size Chart: Exact sizing and fit may vary by brand.
Call an amBRAssador™ for sizing help 877.728.9272.

Bust Minus Band Difference US Cup Sizes European UK
less than 1" AA AA AA
1" A A A
2" B B B
3" C C C
4" D D D
5" DD/E E DD
6" DDD/F F E
10" J J GG
11" K   H
12" L   HH
13" M   J
14" N   JJ
15" O   K


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