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Woman posing in blue lace bra and panties under an orange shirt

What Your Favorite Color Says About You


by Callan Russo

March 9, 2023

March 9, 2023


The colors you choose to put on every day tell a story. They influence your mood, how you act, how others perceive you. So having a rainbow of options in your arsenal lets you pick and choose who you want to be, whether that’s a mastermind living in a lavender haze or an earth goddess taking on the world in shades of green.

Check out what each color choice conveys, then decide who you want to be today.

Woman in matching red bra and panties standing with one arm over her head

Stand strong. (Shown: Bare The Demi T-Shirt Bra.)

Embrace pink in all its iterations. (Shown: Papinelle Audrey Luxe Silk Pajama Set.)

Woman leaning forward in a pink silk pajama top and bottom
Red: Sexy & Powerful

Red is a power color. When you wear it, you stand out. Even if your red panties are your little secret, you’re still going to give off “I’m wearing red” vibes. From dark and moody burgundy to bright and bubbly cherry, red embodies confidence—whether you’ve already got it or are hoping to channel it. The next time you need to feel your most fierce, pull on a crimson hue. You’ll be ready for anything, from running into an ex to finding a new one.

Feel fiery in Natori Bliss Perfection Wire-Free T-Shirt Bra and Hanky Panky Signature Lace Original Rise Thong.

Orange: Youthful & Energetic

There’s no color more invigorating than orange. You’re a woman who gets things done with nonstop pep in your step. From electric tangerine to a watercolor sunset, orange is red’s sunny, approachable friend—it’s still a standout, but it's chill about it. Bolder shades like fiery orange demand action, so if you have a list of things you need to accomplish, add “wear orange” to the top spot and get after it.

Squeeze more juice out of your day with Empreinte Cassiopee Seamless Full Cup Bra and Bare The Bare Demi T-Shirt Bra.

Yellow: Optimistic & Warm

Cheerful and friendly, you’re your crew’s social butterfly. Wearing yellow lends a sunniness others flock to. Buttery-brights give you an instant mood lift and, since positivity begets positivity, you’ll be spreading good energy everywhere you go. Yellow can feel like a tricky color to wear, but there’s a shade for everyone: Whether you prefer a neon lemon twist or a more muted buttercup, wear yellow to your next event to feel like the life of the party.

Yield to yellow in the Elomi Matilda Side Support Plunge Bra and the Bare Balconette Bikini Top.

Green: Grounded & Honest

A girl in green is down-to-earth, a friend you go to for advice because she’s just so sage. Green feels inherently grounded and full of life; it can be subtle in olive or vibrant in lime. With so many varieties of green just outside your window, every shade has a lush, calming quality that sets it apart. If you’re craving peace and quiet, slip on soothing mint or jade. After a fresh outlook? Try a Kelly green shade that feels reviving and just might bring you a bit of luck.

Go green in the Chantelle Parisian Allure Side Support Bra and matching Bikini Briefs.

Blue: Serene & Dependable

If calm was a color, it would absolutely be blue. If it’s already your go-to hue, you bring a soothing yet authoritative presence wherever you go…and you always go with the flow. Level-headed and unruffled, others look to you as the voice of reason. From the deepest indigo to the lightest aqua, blue is as calming as it is charming. Universally flattering and well-liked, it’s actually the recommended color to wear during a job interview: It tells the world you’re loyal, dependable and decisive.

Feel true-blue in the Freya Jewel Cove Ruffled Bikini Top and the Panache Ana Side Support Plunge Bra.

Purple: Creative & Mysterious

The woman in purple is enigmatic, introspective and creative. Purple has always been a special color because of its royal ties. Once reserved for a select few, purple—in all of its majestic manifestations, from pale lilac to deep plum—is for the dreamers. Whatever your medium, pulling on your favorite shade of purple will give you the push you need to do your best work.

Purple reigns with Sunsets Wild Orchid Taylor Underwire Bikini Top and Bare The Absolute Minimizer.

Pink: Bubbly & Sweet

If your go-to color is pink, you get the need for sugar and spice. Sweet and approachable, you’re secure in your femininity. From bubblegum to powder, pink is romantic and delicate, making it the perfect color to populate your underwear drawer. In its boldest forms, hot pink can be as provocative as red and, in its lightest, peony can be as soothing as cool blues. More versatile than many people realize, pink is the perfect everyday feel-good hue.

Feel pretty in pink wearing Natori Feathers Plunge Bra and Bare The Easy Everyday No Show Hipster.

Do think pink. (Shown: Natori Feathers Plunge Bra and Hipster.)

Woman in light pink bra and panties under a striped shirt walking in front of a pool
White & Nude: Effortless & Accomplished

If your preference is a crisp bra-and-panty set that perfectly matches your skin tone and makes itself scarce under whatever you wear, you understand that things earn classic status for a reason. You’re as practical in your approach to your underpinnings as you are in life. Whichever subtle shades you gravitate toward, from white to tan to mocha, you’re the epitome of poise and never miss a trick.

Blend in and stand out with the likes of Bare The Favorite T-Shirt Bra and Bleu Rod Beattie Kore Shirred Underwire One-Piece.

Gray: Easygoing & Reliable

Dove to graphite, gray can act like a neutral or a strong color, depending on its intensity. The offspring of black and white, gray gets its sophisticated-meets-practical vibes from its parents but has a laid-back life of its own. If smoky is your shade of choice, you prefer to keep things simple but cool. You get that gray can actually be quite complex, resulting in a look that's as stylish as it is understated.

Go gray all day in Bare The Effortless Front-Close Bra and Wacoal Simone Underwire Sports Bra at the gym.

Black: Chic & Strong

Flattering, versatile and ever appropriate, black is an obvious go-to for most of us. If it’s your signature color, you know what you like and are resolute in your life choices. You aren’t swayed by trends, yet you always look ahead of the curve. Since black can be one-note, mix it up with interesting textures, like lace and crochet.

Get on the black list in Panache Envy Side Support Balconette Bra or a Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Bra.

Shop the rainbow this spring.

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