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We know life is bigger than your bra and underwear, but we also know your bra and underwear can make (fits like a glove) or break (pokes and pinches) your day. That’s precisely why we prize comfort and fit above all else. From our Bra Fit Finder and new Quick Fits guide to our in-house squad of Bra Fit Experts, we’re here to make every day a good day by helping you feel like your favorite version of you.

We do that by carrying a full-spectrum selection you can't get off the rack. By curating styles and colors that will make you feel fashionable. By cultivating a community where you can comfortably express yourself. And by reminding you that while size counts for something, fit is what really matters.

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Understanding each need

Our community is united by their uniqueness—at Bare Necessities, we understand that fit, comfort, and style means something different to everybody. That’s why we carry a range of brands and products that meet needs across the spectrum.

Unlocking confidence

Wearing products that feel good on our bodies can be liberating—freeing us from physical discomfort and creating space for self-empowerment. We seek to inspire confidence in our customers through personalized fit and comfort for every body.

Dimensionalizing fit

We don’t define “fit” as simply finding the right size. To us, fit is about understanding and catering to our customers’ ever-changing lifestyles, goals, tastes, moods and preferences.

Sense of belonging

To us, comfort is more than a physical feeling. There is also comfort in belonging and feeling understood. That’s why we seek to foster a community that emphasizes belonging through a deep understanding of each unique body and every shared experience.

Empathetic expertise

We take pride in supporting people throughout all stages of their lives—listening to their stories, goals, and frustrations. By making our customers feel seen, heard, and understood, we work hand in hand to find something that feels right for everyone.

Honest conversation

We believe intimates should be something to talk about—because what might feel personal can actually be universal. So we encourage open and honest conversation around topics that we’ve historically kept close to the chest, in hopes of finding comfort in understanding.

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