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The Best Backless Bras for Every Outfit

Did you find the perfect dress for the end-of-summer black-tie event? Do you just love the next-to-nothing style? Either way, you have one mission right now: Find the best backless bra for your outfit (or outfits).

Whether you're looking for a backless bra with straps, a strapless backless bra, a backless plunge bra, or even a halter bra with a low back, you've come to the right place. We know that no-show bras are an important part of any woman's wardrobe.

The type of backless bra you choose will depend on your wardrobe, your body type, and your preference, so we've rounded up our favorites to help you choose. From sticky boobs to low-back bustiers and every invisible bra in between, you have to see these awesome bras for your backless shirts, dresses, and every other part of your wardrobe!

Different Styles of Backless Bras

Backless bras come in many shapes and forms these days. From stick-on bras (no, not pasties), to deep plunge corsets, you can get a style of open-back bra for just about any outfit you have.

  • Stick-On Bras

    Worried about stick-on bras falling off? Don't. The best sticky bras are made to stay in place no matter how hot and sweaty you get.

    For example, the Deep Plunge Adhesive Bra by Braza Bra is both backless and strapless. It has a deep plunge in the front, for low-cut dresses and shirts.

  • Strapless Backless Bras

    The absolute best bras for low-back and strapless dresses and tops are backless strapless bras. Much like the sticky bras, they use adhesives to hold your girls in place. However, many of them offer side support and some of them come with optional clear straps, like the Reversible Wing Bra by The Natural.

  • Backless Plunge Bras

    A backless plunge bra gives you the support of straps without the visibility of bands. The Full Figure U Plunge Bra by The Natural offers the versatility of different back designs along with the boost of a seamless contour underwire. Versatile bras like this one are great for a closet full of all your favorite tops and dresses.

  • Longline Bras

    It may seem like an oxymoron when we say "supportive backless bras", but the truth is, backless bras are made to hold your girls in place these days. If you're most concerned about support when it comes to your backless bra, consider the longline bra. They typically have clasps in the back, but sit much lower than standard bras, and some can even plunge below your dress line (it just depends on how lowcut the dress is in the back).

    The Noemi Strapless Longline Bra delivers maximum support with a low back that is perfect for your favorite summer halter top or that little black dress you've been waiting to show off at the next cocktail party.

  • No Show Bra

    If you're looking for a backless, strapless bra that covers only what it needs to but still gives you lift and cleavage, no-show bras are perfect. The Silicone Bra by The Natural gives you the perky look without having to worry about a single strap or band. This bra gives light support but is designed to help you create the perfect shape and maximum cleavage with minimal coverage.

The Best Backless Bras for Low-Back Dresses

You've found the perfect dress, but the back is lower than any bra in your closet. We've been there. Here are our top 3 picks for the best backless bras for low-back dresses:

  • Lace-Up Adhesive Bra by The Natural. Control your cleavage levels, create the shape you're looking for, and no one will be the wiser. This backless, strapless sticky bra is customizable based on your needs for that pretty dress you bought.

  • Backless Bandeau Wing Bra by The Natural. If you need more support from your backless bra, you're going to want a wing bra design. This bra gives you side support as well as all-over coverage.

  • Reveal Adhesive Bra (5-Pack) by Braza Bra. Give yourself a little lift with these one-time use adhesive bras. These bras are less about support and more about modesty and breathing. You can wear them under a low-cut top to keep your girls in place or under that sexy dress you've had your eye on.

The Best Backless Bra for Small Bust

Your bust size also matters when choosing the best backless bra. Yes, you can have small busts, wear a backless dress, and still get cleavage! Here are our top 2 picks for small busts:

  • The Lovely Lift Silicone Bra by Braza Bra is not only backless but is also a great option for when you have a plunging neckline. Because each silicone cup is designed to lift and support one breast, you neckline can go as low as you’d like without showing that you’re wearing a bra. With a bra like this you’ll be able to wear even the trickiest of backless necklines you have in your wardrobe with support that enhances your natural shape.

  • Braza Bra Adhesive Bra (5-pack). Made from breathable stretch fabric (not woven), these adhesive bras give you the modesty you're looking for in your backless, strapless dress. Each pack includes 5 pairs.

If you're looking for more cleavage, the lace-up and clip-front adhesive bras are perfect for you.

The Best Backless Bras for Large Breasts

If you have a large bust and you always thought you'd never "get away" with a backless outfit, your entire wardrobe is about to open up!

Remember that a great bustier will help you keep your breasts in place for a long night of dancing, but don't forget that you can choose backless options as well. For women with large breasts, any winged bra is perfect for support and discretion. Here are two other backless options for women with large breasts:

  • Adhesive Clip Bra by The Natural. On top of the support you'll get from a winged bra, the Adhesive Clip bra gives you the added benefit of extra cleavage and shape.

  • Elissa Longline Strapless Bra by Parfait. While this bra does have a back, it sits lower than traditional bras and lengthens below your bust line. Longline bras give ultimate support for large breasts while giving you the advantage of having a bra that goes well with both strapless and low-back dresses and tops.

Finding a good backless bra might not be very difficult these days, but finding the best backless bra for you is another story. If you're on the market for a backless bra that works well with your wardrobe, Bare Necessities has the styles and options that fit you and your personality.

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