Most Flattering Swimsuits for Every Body Type

We at Bare Necessities know that falling in love with a swimsuit can be difficult. Perhaps you have felt that your choices are limited due to your body shape. It’s not you; it’s the swimsuit! If you’ve been searching for the best bathing suit for your body type, you have come to the right place. With over 20 years of experience, Bare Necessities takes the guesswork out of finding swimwear that you will love.

For some of us, purchasing a swimsuit may cause anxiety, but it doesn’t have to. With so many swimsuit styles to choose from, we make it easy to find something amazing. Whether you are looking for a showstopping design for that much-deserved beach vacation or something versatile that allows for fashion and function, we have a vast selection to meet your needs and wants. Our Bra Fit Experts have broken down our extensive collections to help you find the best swimsuits for your body type. Get the support you need without skimping on style!

Body Types

Finding the right swimwear can be difficult with so many choices, which is why our apparel and bra sizing experts have found the best swimsuits for each body type. Discovering your general body type is useful in determining how to best highlight your features. Remember that each body type has room for variation (an apple-shaped body could be a size 0 or a size 22). Think less about the sizing for now (we’ll get to that later), and think about how you carry yourself. Which of the following best describes your body type?

The Best Swimsuits for Pear Shapes

With the pear shape, the shoulders and bust tend to be narrower than the hips. Typically, the waist is defined and slopes into the hips. If you have this shape, it is all about showing off your legs and waistline. There is not a single best swimsuit for pear-shaped ladies, but there are some general styling ideas to help you play up your features.

  • Swim Tops: A sweetheart or balconette enhances a smaller bustline, and a bandeau is another great option. Vibrant patterns, textured fabrics, or ruffles along the shoulders or bust also make a bustline appear fuller, which provides a balanced silhouette. The best bikini for pear-shaped ladies is one that adds volume to the top and elongates the legs. Mixing and matching patterns on top with solids on the bottom is another great way to give the appearance of a larger bust.

  • Swim Bottoms: The classic high-waisted bottoms are gorgeous on this body type as they visually lengthen the legs. Remember that the higher the cut on the thigh, the longer your legs will appear.

  • One-Piece Options: For a fabulous one-piece swimsuit option, we recommend styles with a high cut on the leg and a deep plunging neckline to enhance the body's natural curves.

The Best Swimwear for Apple Shapes

Apple shapes tend to have a fuller upper body with broader shoulders, a larger bust, and smaller hips. When a fuller waistline accompanies this shape, you may have heard this body type referred to as the apple shape, and a smaller waist is sometimes referred to as the strawberry shape. Both of these shapes tend to have broader shoulders and larger bustlines. If you have ever had a swimsuit leave you hanging, you know that support is essential. So what is the best swimsuit for an apple shape? Like the pear shape, swimwear that shows off your bust and legs is sure to look sleek. A swimsuit that creates some definition in the waistline is also a plus.

  • Swim Tops: A halter-style top is a great way to accentuate your bustline and pull the focus inward towards your bust and waistline.

  • Swim Bottoms: Again, a high cut bottom will create a wow factor as it elongates the legs. If you have a tummy that you want to hide, high-waisted bottoms with tummy control provide added support.

  • One-Piece Options: One-piece suits with tummy control support or ruching around the midsection do a marvelous job of smoothing the curves and tummy. We love this romper one-piece by MAGICSUIT as it supports the midsection while offering a fresh and flowy look. The bottoms rise on the hips and elongate the legs. This option is stylish and functional; whether you are lounging by the pool or playing volleyball in the sand, it’s the perfect swim/beachwear combo.

The Best Swimwear for an Athletic Body

Athletic bodies tend to be slimmer, with very little difference in measurement between the waist, hip, and bust. This shape is also referred to as a rectangular shape or a banana shape. I know, enough with the fruit, right?

  • Swim Tops: You may consider a flowy or textured halter top for a smaller bustline to add volume and play up natural curves. The classic triangle bikini top is always a favorite and looks flattering on the bust as well.

  • Swim Bottoms: There are many bottoms to choose from, which can sometimes make decisions harder. Start by selecting a cut that you like on the thigh. We absolutely love the retro-style bikini bottoms if you want to create some curves around the hips.

  • One-Piece Options: To add some curvy details, think about a one-piece with cutouts. One-piece swimsuits with cutouts create the look of curves while drawing the eye to where you want it. Another great visual is sashed or blocked colors and patterns accentuating the waistline.

The Best Swimwear for a Curvy Body

The hourglass figure has even hip and bust proportions and a smaller waist. The best swimwear for a curvy body is swimwear that makes you feel good, and there is plenty of options to take advantage of at Bare Necessities.

  • Swim Tops: For a larger bust, we have a great assortment of underwire and full support tops with sizes that surpass the DD bra size. No matter your bra size, we have your girls covered. Halter and triangle topsfeature the bustline beautifully, and tankini tops are also a fabulous way to highlight your bust and waistline.

  • Swim Bottoms: Hourglass shapes often have curvier hips, thighs, and buttocks. A full-coverage bottom helps create a defined waistline. Whether you prefer swim shorts or a full-coverage brief, there are many flattering and comfortable options.

  • One-Piece Options: The selection is truly endless, but we are absolutely wild about our super sleek swim dresses. The form is stunning, and some ruching around the midsection hides anything you might want to smooth out.

The Most Flattering Plus Size Swimwear

Women with this body type have a bust and hips that are equally portioned and a fuller waist. Having a fuller figure does not mean less selection at Bare Necessities, and less cloth does not have to mean less support. Whether you want some extra support for the bust or tummy or want to accentuate your best angles, we have the best swimsuits for curvy women. Bare Necessities offers beautifully styled swimsuits that slim and accentuate all the right areas, so whether you are lounging by the pool or braving the waves, you will look and feel fabulous. At Bare Necessities, we pride ourselves on having one of the largest selections of the most flattering plus-size swimwear you can find, and no, they are not all one-piece suits.

  • Swim Tops: Tankini tops are a wonderful way to play up your bustline and smooth the waistline. Some ruching around the midsection is a plus as it brings focus to the curves that you want to show off. The Bare Necessities-exclusive swimsuits by Bare are beautiful and offer underwire and wider straps for extra bust support.

  • Swim Bottoms: We are in love with the vintage-inspired high-waisted bottoms. These bottoms have a wide variety of options for tummy support. If you want your legs to appear longer, go for a higher cut on the thigh.

  • One-Piece Options: If you prefer a little more coverage, we have some stunning one-pieces that are sure to smooth and define your curves. A one-piece with a racerback design provides ample support for the bust and looks gorgeous. The MAGICSUIT collection also has some of the best swimsuits to hide the tummy if that is a worry.

Tips for Choosing the Best Swimsuit

There are endless styles, patterns, and colors when it comes to swimwear. When deciding on what kind of swimsuit you want, there are some things that you might want to consider before diving in.

Don’t Hide, Just Seek!

Choose a swimsuit that complements your favorite features. Too often, we search for clothing to hide our “problem areas,” but we should search for ways to play up the features we love about ourselves. Whether it’s a one-piece with a plunging bustline or a color that looks great with your skin tone, find a swimsuit that celebrates what you love about your body. After all, it’s hard to enjoy wearing something you feel you have to wear, so find something you actually want to wear instead.

Out with the Old and in with the New.

A black one-piece is not the only option anymore. It’s no secret that darker colors are slimming but gone are the days when a black one-piece was the only choice to find a flattering swimsuit. There are so many cuts, styles, patterns, and colors to choose from, and the options for mixing and matching add even more selection. Bare Necessities has an extensive collection of two-piece swimsuits for every body type. Use our style guide above to find something that you love!

Keep the Stretching for Yoga

While it seems like an obvious factor, we often forget that fabrics in swimwear tend to stretch when wet. When choosing a size, make sure you are purchasing your correct size, and you may even want to consider one size smaller to avoid sagging and bagging if you plan to get wet.

Glam it Up

While sunglasses and sunscreen are a must, there are other ways to up your poolside game. When you aren’t in the water, accessorize by throwing on a fun sarong, show off your bohemian spirit with crochet, grab a gorgeous caftan, or opt for a lounge-friendly maxi. Regardless of your preference, a coverup beats lugging around a beach towel.

Have Some Fun

Swimwear is made for fun and leisure, not the office. Don’t be afraid to wear something bold or bright. There are so many different options between colors, patterns, and cuts, and it has never been easier to find swimwear that speaks to your sense of style. The mix-and-match options offer even more fun combinations for choosing the style that suits you. Try a new fun print or opt for a color that you love but don’t usually wear.

Wear What You Want

It goes without saying that you should wear whatever you want. If you feel confident in a particular style, go for it! If you don’t enjoy restriction, then pull out that bikini. If you want more coverage, opt for the design that appeals to you. Wear what makes you feel good. There is no right or wrong when it comes to confidence, and it doesn’t make sense to wear something you don’t feel comfortable wearing. Whether you prefer more or less coverage, we have your back.


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