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The Most Comfortable Thongs

Sometimes searching for underwear that’s both comfortable and cute can feel like a full time job with no benefits. Especially when you’re spending your money to ultimately be disappointed and uncomfortable after the first hour of wearing the new undergarments you just bought. All the joy of donning a cute and brand new pair of panties dissipates the moment you feel the first wedgie forming. It’s the absolute worst. Add in that not all underwear silhouettes are treated equally, and you’ll find that even if you want the no-lines look of a thong you’ll gravitate to a boy short just for the comfort it provides. It’s a struggle to know what underwear will be comfortable and which styles won’t be, and, perhaps the most difficult to differentiate, is the thong. Finding the most comfortable thongs can be tricky because when you’re looking at a screen it’s hard to see the differences that make for comfortable thong styles.

If this experience sounds like something you’re familiar with, look no further than this article as you begin your online shopping. From materials, to styles, and even the specific thong silhouette, we’ve got you covered so you never have to worry about a thong not fitting you properly and uncomfortably again.

Qualities of a Comfortable Thong

  • Material

    When you are thinking about purchasing a pair of underwear, the first thing that you want to consider is the fabric it’s made of. Breathable and natural materials are best and have been shown to be the safest for your nether region’s health. Because of this, looking for cotton or cotton blend underwear is going to be the most comfortable material out there.

    That being said, natural fibers such as cotton tend to have very little stretch so if you’re looking to reduce the appearance of panty lines then opting for lace options might be the right choice for you.

    As an additional option, satin and silk can feel amazing on your skin but are exceptionally delicate, so they might be a great option for you if you’re looking for special occasion wear.

  • Rise

    Some of the most popular slang terms to describe thongs come from their higher rise. The rise of the thong tends to rise even further when you bend over, squat, or sit. In the early 2000s having your thong show on top of your low-rise pants was an absolute look. With the recent y2k revival, this trend has gained some popularity. Whether this is the look you’re wanting to achieve or not, it’s a good best practice to try bending, sitting, and squatting in front of a mirror so you can see how high the thong rises.

    If the rise of a thong is too dramatic, this might be an indicator that your thong is not the right size. In a correctly fitting thong, the seams and straps fit over your hips and skin without cutting in. Make sure that they aren’t too loose either. A good indicator that a thong is too small is if you get red lines while wearing it. A thong should fit in the front but never feel too tight and should not droop.

Types of Thongs

Choosing the right thong isn’t only about the fit or the material, finding a style that you feel good in is also super important. The type of thongs you wear will fit differently, have different levels of coverage, and change your experience when wearing the underwear. To help you navigate the wonderful world of thongs, here’s a list of the different kinds that are out there.

  • Traditional Thongs

    The traditional thong is characterized by a wider waistband that supports the narrow strip of fabric that lays between the cheeks. This provides the wearer with full frontal coverage while still keeping the cheeks fully exposed.

  • G-String Thongs

    The distinguishing characteristic of the G-string thong is the narrow waistband. This waistband, which is around a 1/4-inch thick, extends to the bit of fabric that lies between the buttocks and connects to a small triangle up front. Overall, there is much less coverage from a G-string thong, both in the front and in the back.

  • Tanga Thongs

    The Tanga thong, otherwise known as a Samba thong has the thickest waistband and is more of a cross between a traditional thong and standard panties than a full-fledged thong. This thong style offers additional fabric between the cheeks for a more comfortable fit while still making sure that your bum is fully exposed to prevent the occurrence of panty lines.

Our Top 7 Favorite Thongs

Best Cotton Thong:

OnGossamer Cabana Cotton low Rise Hip G Thong

Cotton is the best material for your health and comfort. It can also be the hardest to find in a range of styles. Luckily, the OnGossamer Cabana Cotton Low Rise Hip G Thong is here as the perfect cotton thong for you and your downstairs health. With exclusively five star ratings that talk about the comfortable, well-fitting nature of this underwear, we strongly recommend them as the best and most comfortable cotton thong there is.

With design features such as a modern, low rise fit with delicate lace detailing and a y-shaped back panel for more comfort, this cotton thong is going to be some of your most loved thong underwear.

Cutest Thong Lingerie:

Pour Moi Embroidery Thong

Sometimes the best underwear is the underwear you were planning to have taken on barely after you put it on. But just because you aren’t planning on wearing it for that long doesn’t mean that you should compromise comfort or wearability. This thong has many matching set pieces including a stunningly embroidered garter belt and longline bra. Each of these pieces pair well with the low-rise nature of this lace thong. With additional features like a stretch mesh and a wide satin band with keyhole detailing along the center, it’s no wonder that the people who bought this thong loved the comfort as well as its beauty.

Best Lace Thong:

b.tempt’d by Wacoal Lace Kiss Thong

Thongs are some of the most revealing and sensual underwear styles so it should come as no surprise that a lace thong would be its own category on this list. Lace, as one of the most luxurious and beautiful fabrics out there, makes for a beautiful pair of underwear. The b.tempt’d Lace Kiss Thong is the best lace thong out there because of its mindful features. Showcasing an ultra-low rise, a thick 3” band, flat-laying edges all made out of a semi sheer stretch lace, this thong is both beautiful, functional, and comfortable.

Add in that this thong comes with matching bras and a dress, you’re welcome to wear this underwear casually or for special occasions. It’s the best of both worlds.

Best Seamless Thong:

Bare The Easy Every Day Seamless Thong

Seamless underwear makes some of the best underwear to wear on an everyday basis. They offer a peace of mind for visible panty lines, tend to have little to no seams that can aggravate the skin, and are also usually made of breathable materials that are also flexible. Seamless panties are great, so a seamless thong is out of this world. Especially the Bare Easy Every Day Seamless Thong which was designed for everyday smoothing that disappears under clothing.

This thong is comfy, cute, and colorful as it comes in a range of sizes and colors. Whether you’re looking for nude minimalism or a comfy pair of colorful thongs, this is a thong that prioritizes comfort above all else and recognizes that feeling good doesn’t end at physical comfort but begins at the moment you look at the underwear you were thinking about putting on.

Best Plus Size Thong:

Bare The Easy Everyday No Show Thong

The best thongs for a curvy body are those that are comfortable, cute, and fit correctly. The Bare No Show Thong is underwear that fits a range of body shapes. Everywhere from petite, to curvy, to tall and thin, this thong is made for every body. In fact, the reason it makes it onto this list as a winner of plus size thongs is because they have the same styles available for plus size thong wearers as they do for any other size. Inclusion starts with choices and The Thong is a great one.

Composed of a smooth microfiber with a cotton panel that lays comfortably across the skin and made with laser cut seamless edges to minimize show-through, this thong is comfortable, form fitting, and cute. The mid-rise elastic waist gives the wearer a full coverage and a higher rise which helps allow for comfortable movability.

Best High-Rise Thong:

Hanky Panky Breathe High Waist Thong

If you’ve ever wanted to put on a pair of underwear only to forget you’re wearing anything at all, this is the underwear for you. With raving five star reviews of people who love the delicate feel of this underwear against the skin and note the hold-up after numerous washes, this thong is the one to beat when looking at high waist thong underwear.

Lightweight, breathable, and designed to stay in place while you move comfortably, the Hanky Panky Breathe High Waist Thong is a great and comfortable option for those that like the silhouette of a thong but want a bit more coverage. The high waist forms to the skin and is a beautifully flattering feature that constricts just enough to smooth the skin without feeling like you’re wearing anything at all. With the addition of moisture-wicking microfiber and cotton gusset, this thong offers everything you could ever ask for in a thong and then some.

Best Comfortable G-String:

Hanky Panky Breathe G-String

The great thing about thongs is that, like other underwear styles, they come in a couple of different variations that help everyone to find a style that works for them. One of the thong styles with the least amount of coverage and the sexiest cut is the G-string thong. But just because you’re wearing something cute and sexy doesn’t mean you have to compromise comfort. Which is where the Hanky Panky Breathe G-String comes in as the most comfortable G-string.

With a low rise cut, a lightweight sheer mesh made of a cotton blend material, and flat lay stitching to eliminate panty lines, this thong was made with the wearer in mind. It’s comfortable, cute, sexy, and barely there while still offering all of the coverage and support needed in a pair of underwear.

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