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Living Intimately with Wacoal Living Intimately with Wacoal

Living Intimately with Wacoal


by Brooke Glassberg

November 8, 2022

November 8, 2022

If bras had a household name, it would probably be Wacoal. You know it, love and trust it and, if you’re here reading this, you probably wear (and swear by) it. The brand name alone conveys quality construction, elevated design that never forsakes comfort and, more than anything, a meticulous fit that’s been tested and tweaked to perfection from 30B to 46H. Sophisticatedly understated and technologically advanced, it’s no wonder Wacoal is our top brand time and time again.

Miryha Fantegrossi is a Senior Vice President of Merchandising and Design at Wacoal. She took the time to share her insights on intimacy, the thread that connects Wacoal and Bare Necessities.

Wacoal Visual Effects Minimizer Bra

Turn down the volume using the softest, most stunning stretch mesh and lace. (Shown: Wacoal Visual Effects Minimizer Bra.)

With its comfy, clean-lined design in the prettiest blue hue, there’s something to be said for “basic.” (Shown: Wacoal Basic Beauty T-Shirt Bra.)

Wacoal Basic Beauty Bra

The world according to Miryha Fantegrossi

Q: What is intimacy?
A: Intimacy is a feeling of closeness that comes from being with someone you trust one hundred percent. You know they support you and care about you unconditionally.

Q: What does intimacy mean to you?
A: Intimacy for me means deep connection with my husband, quality time with my children, meaningful interactions with my friends, and collaborative relationships with my colleagues.

Q: What does it mean to Wacoal?
A: Intimacy is about the relationship we have built with our customers who trust us to provide service and wardrobe solutions. Designing intimates inherently means considering the role of intimacy. Wearing the right bra can change a woman’s look and her outlook.

Q: What’s the commonality between intimacy and lingerie?
A: Lingerie, like an intimate relationship, can make you feel beautiful, feminine, powerful and confident—all at the same time.

Wacoal Elevated Allure Wire-Free Bra

Works like a bra, feels like a bralette, lifts like a pro, looks like a dream. (Shown: Wacoal Elevated Allure Wire-Free Bra.)

This five-star style supports with stay-put silicone edging, a padded underband and smoothing side support. (Shown: Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Bra.)

Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Bra

Q: What are three words that sum up intimacy to you?
A: Trust. Relationships. Love.

Q: Are people afraid of intimacy?
A: There is an absence of intimacy, for a variety of reasons. In today’s world, technology plays a huge part in the way people interact and form relationships. We text rather than talk, send posts that disappear in an instant and have Facebook “friends” we can hardly remember. I believe there is also a strong desire for intimate connections; people are still figuring out what that means for themselves.

Q: When your bra fits, it boosts your confidence. What does this have to do with making intimate connections?
A: When a woman feels confident, she is more likely to take on new challenges, solve problems with poise, choose compassion and feel empowered to be the best version of herself. When that happens, she can make deeper, more meaningful intimate connections.

Q: What’s coming up for Wacoal that you’re excited about?
A: We are excited about expanding our solution strategy to include Side Support bras. We launch this fall with Side Note, a beautiful satin and embroidered bra, followed by the first seamless side support bra in January, Inside Job.

Experience all Wacoal bras have to offer, right here at Bare Necessities.

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