Living Intimately with Elomi


by Brooke Glassberg

October 25, 2022

October 25, 2022


It’s rare and it’s special to come across something that feels like it was made for you. Whether it’s a piece of personal jewelry or your signature shade of lipstick, finding yourself in the world you inhabit has profound meaning.

That’s what Elomi lingerie does for women with curves. Rather than take your average 34C bra and simply make it bigger (a recipe for pleasing exactly no one), Elomi is designed from the start with details that make a difference, from bounce-back fabrics that stand up to all-day wear or straps placed to stay on shoulders. And we haven’t even talked fashion yet.

Head designer Liesl Goodman was born and raised in South Africa, where she studied fashion design. Then, after immigrating to the United Kingdom and working for several other lingerie brands, she helped to launch Elomi in 2008.

a seated woman wearing a matching blue bra and panty set with floral details

The Matilda Side Support Plunge in sheer mesh feels light and breezy.

No way you won't be spotted in the Party Bay Wire-Free Plunge One-Piece.

a woman, standing in front of the water, wearing a multi-color animal print one-piece swimsuit

The world according to Liesl Goodman

We got the chance to chat with Liesl on her most intimate relationships, her innermost fears…and her go-to Ed Sheeran song.

Q: What is intimacy?
A: Intimacy is that very special connection you experience with a loved one or a friend. For me, it’s a deep connection with someone in a safe, unjudging relationship. Intimacy is also my relationship with myself: It’s time spent exploring my innermost thoughts and feelings, relaxing and restoring my body and mind. For Elomi, intimacy is about offering a range of products that make that emotional connection to the wearer, so she feels like the garment was designed just for her.

Q: Where is the overlap between intimacy and lingerie?
A: Intimacy and lingerie are both intensely personal. We choose lingerie for how it makes us look and feel.

Q: What three words speak of intimacy to you?
A: Personal. Love. Connection.

Q: Are people afraid of intimacy?
A: People can be afraid of being rejected or misunderstood if they share their deepest feelings and thoughts. And today, maintaining relationships online rather than in person can take away some of the joy of shared experiences.

Q: If intimacy were a color, what would it be?
A: Dark purple represents passion and intense feeling.

Q: How about a food?
A: Fondue. A shared dish is an opportunity to bond.

Q: What song is intimate to you and why?
A: “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran speaks of that deep connection that lasts a lifetime.

Q: What’s your most intimate memory?
A: Sitting on my mother’s lap as a child with my head on her chest, listening to her heartbeat.

Q: When your bra fits, it boosts your confidence. How does this help make more intimate connections?
A: Confidence makes you less fearful, more open and optimistic and willing to share your feelings and desires. It makes it easier for us to create those special connections.

A reclining woman in a pansey color matching bra and panty set with floral details

With four-part-cups, the Charley Side Support Plunge brings you in and up—even when you're kicking back.

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