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The Best Everyday Bras of 2023


Want to hear a secret?

Finding the perfect everyday bra is actually a lot easier than you’d think!

No, seriously. If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably found yourself in need of the perfect everyday bra. It also probably means you’ve struggled to find the -seemingly elusive- comfortable and supportive bra of your dreams and are taking to the internet with hopes of getting some well-deserved answers. Let us take the weight off your shoulders here and now: you’ve come to the right place.

Finding your perfect bra is definitely a journey - one that can feel as frustrating as it is rewarding. Especially with all the misinformation out there. So whether your favorite bra has broken down after years of use, you’ve never been able to find your perfect fit, or you’re just in the market for another comfortable and supportive bra to add to your collection, here’s everything you need to know to get your perfect bra on the first try.

What Are the Best Bras For Everyday Wear?

The biggest step to finding a comfortable everyday bra lies in the fit. Most of the time, the reason a bra is uncomfortable is because it doesn’t fit properly. Which means, before you start shopping, the first step to getting a supportive and comfortable everyday bra is to find out what your right size is. To do that, just check out our Fit Guide, which will walk you through all the steps to finding the right size bra for you.

Once you’ve found your right size, you can then move onto deciding exactly what type of bra you’re looking for. The type of bra you like to wear on an everyday basis is completely unique to you and there are a bunch of criteria to consider. Do you want the softest bras? The most lightweight? Or are you looking for the best everyday push-up bra? Maybe you’re more of an unlined cup with an underwire kind of person? The point being that there is a sea of everyday bra options available out there and it’s definitely a good idea to sort out exactly what you’re looking for before you make a purchase.

In This Article:

Before we jump into the different types of everyday bras that fit what you’re looking for, let’s address an important question we get a lot from those looking to find bras for everyday wear: “What type of bra is the healthiest?”.

What Type of Bra Is the Healthiest?

Believe it or not, the clothing we wear greatly impacts our health. This is especially the case when it comes to the clothes that are closest to our most intimate parts: our bra and underwear. And while the bra might not be as important to consider as underwear when it comes to health, you definitely want to consider the “healthy” bra choices when choosing a bra for everyday wear. So, what, exactly, makes a bra healthy?

Ultimately, bras are pieces of clothing, and if they don’t fit correctly or are made of the wrong material, they can cause physical and emotional damage. Having bras that are too constricting, bras that cut off circulation, or even bras that cause chafing can be incredibly harmful.

Therefore it’s best to find the healthiest bra options out there. To do so, here are a few helpful tips for finding a healthy bra:

  1. Choose material that is breathable.
  2. Maintain your underwires (when the underwires poke through, they can cause painful pinching).
  3. Find a bra that gives you support (a bra without the proper support can cause chafing).

Once you have an idea of the healthiest type of bra for you, you can look into different aspects of everyday bras for your lifestyle and specific needs.

The Best & Most Comfortable Supportive Bras

Not all boobs are created equal. If anything, our busts are much less about equality and much more like snowflakes; no two busts are exactly alike. This means that when shopping for bras, what you consider to be the most comfortable is going to differ from the bra your best friend raves about and vice versa. That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t some universal truths when designing a comfortable everyday bra. Namely, that the biggest pillar of comfort is support.

If your bra isn’t supporting you the way it should, you’re not going to be comfortable and that’s that. Which is what makes having a supportive bra a wardrobe necessity. So to get you started in finding what bra is going to be the best for you, here are some highly reviewed, absolutely incredible supportive everyday bras as recommended by our buying and fit experts.

Signature Support Satin Bra by Olga

This everyday bra delivers support and function. It gives you all-day comfort and form with the unique padded underwire. Also made from smooth stretch microfiber, this comes with a satin trim and is perfect for T-shirts and work attire.

Pure Comfort Seamless Brami by Maidenform

This bra has the word comfort in its name for a reason. The wire-free v-neck bra has removable foam inserts to help you maintain the shape during washes. It’s an over-the-head bra, so you don’t have to worry about clasping snafus. Made from a stretch ribbed microfiber material, this bra will give you comfort while keeping you cozy.

Secrets Ultra-Soft Comfort Wire-Free T-Shirt Bra by Playtex

This simple full-coverage bra is all about support without the wires. The foam-lined cups are great for shape and modesty. This bra shapes to fit you and has fully adjustable straps that can convert to a criss-cross in the back.

The Most Comfortable Underwire Bras for Everyday Wear

Over the years underwire bras have developed a bad reputation. Which was well-deserved at the time but isn’t anymore. Times have changed and the underwire bra has gone through some major improvements that make it easy to forget any negative thing you might’ve heard about them to begin with. As a matter of fact, underwire bras of today can give you great support, cute styles, and comfort all in one bra. Want to see it to believe it? Check out these three comfortable underwire bras for everyday wear:

The Chloe Lace Demi by Reveal

If you’re looking to keep your natural shape, this lace demi has everything you need. It’s supportive but not overbearing. The unlined lace cups won’t tear or over stretch, and the adjustable stretch straps help you fit the bra to your liking.

Lace Comfort Wonderwire Bra by Glamorise

A curvy bra with a lace overlay, the Lace Comfort Wonderwire is incredibly structured to hold your girls where they belong while keeping them comfortable. The adjustable straps allow you to fit the bra to your desire, and the 3-part seamed underwire cups deliver the lift and shape you’re looking for.

Elements Of Bliss Longline T-Shirt Bra by Warner’s

Elegant, sleek and versatile are the three best ways to describe this bra. The straps convert to criss-cross in the back, depending on your style, and the seamless cups make this bra perfect for T-shirts and work attire.

The Best Everyday Bralettes

Not all bras are created equal, but all bras fulfill a need of some kind. The bralette, for instance, was designed to be super cute and incredibly comfortable while still giving a bit of support. Perfect for the days when putting on a structured bra feels like too much but you’d like more than to go braless. They’re the ideal middle ground for bra wearers everywhere and make for some of the softest bras because of their versatility and emphasis on comfort.

Bralettes prove that underwire isn’t the only way to get support from your bra and are a fantastic option for everyday wear as they give you support while also enhancing your natural shape. They’re great because they come in a range of styles that are supportive to different body types, breast sizes, and individual needs. If this sounds like something you’d like to try as your perfect everyday bra, here are some options that you’re sure to fall in love with.

B-Smooth Bralette by Wacoal

If you want a comfortable everyday option but also want to express yourself with colorful underwear, this is a great bralette option for you! The light support from this wire-free bralette makes it feel as though you’re not wearing a bra at all. Add in removable foam pads that provide coverage, and you have yourself an over-the-head bralette that’s perfect for nearly any form of dress, making it one of the best everyday bras you can find.

Courtney Curvy Bralette by Birdsong

While always practical, bralettes can also be super cute. Especially when they’re covered in lace the way that this one is. Features like the seamed plunging unlined cups are perfect for low-cut shirts while the customizable back gives you the option to go racerback or original.

Comfort Revolution Easylite Seamless Bralette by Bali

Seamless and nearly nude, this bralette is perfect for those days when you want a barely-there look. Made from-way stretch microfiber, this bra delivers all-day comfort and is light-weight and wire-free.

The Best Everyday Bras for Large Breasts

While all bra styles usually come in an inclusive range of styles, if you have a larger chest, it can sometimes be a lot easier to just look for bras that are specifically designed for your cup size. This is because, when it comes to finding everyday bras for large breasts, beyond size, you also have to consider the structure of the bra. This is even more important when you’re looking for a bra that has to stay comfortable and supportive all day.

MagicLift Front-Close Posture Back Wire-Free Bra by Glamorise

Want to know what sexy truly feels like? Just try this bra, because if there’s one thing that’s sexy in life, it’s how comfortable you’ll feel when you’re wearing it. This wire-free bra is designed to give comfort and support for those that have DD+ cups. It’s designed to give relief to any back and shoulder pain you might be used to feeling with other bras and it has cushioned bands which help to lift and shape your chest, all while delivering stellar support.

Ava T-Shirt Bra by Bare Necessities

Feel the relief of comfort that doesn’t compromise style in this beautiful full coverage bra. With design features like a seamless underwire cup that offers foam lining for modesty and a cute keyhole detail with a delicate charm, this bra is not only an awesome everyday bra for large breasts, it also is the best everyday bra for work.

Lena Side Support Bra by Bare Necessities

If you have large breasts, you know the pain of not getting the right support in the right places. Luckily, the Lena Side Support Bra can fix that. The supportive boning on the sides delivers extra structure while the non-stretch front straps provide much-needed support and structure from the front of the bra.

The Best Sports Bras for Everyday Wear

When you hear sports bra you probably think of something you struggle with on your way to work-out. Which, to be fair, is definitely somewhere you can wear a sports bra. Sports Bras have evolved past only being usable while working out and, if you get the right kind, are actually a great option to wear on an everyday basis. But just what is the right kind of everyday sports bra? The answer is simple and is all about low impact.

Sports bras come in three different intensity levels, based on the type of support you need from them: high-impact, medium-impact, and low-impact. For everyday wear (depending on your job or activity levels), a low-intensity sports bra will offer the right amount of support as well as comfort as you go through your day.

With that in mind, here are some of the best everyday sports bras you should start wearing immediately.

Custom Control Wire-Free Sports Bra by Glamorise

One of the most important features in an everyday bra is versatility. For some bras this can come from the different strap options but for this sports bra it comes from the fact that the impact level is adjustable. Showcasing an adjustable front panel, this sports bra will take you from an everyday comfortable bra to providing the support you need to do one hundred jumping jacks!

18 Hour Cooling Comfort Wire-Free Sports Bra by Playtex

A perfect plus size everyday bra with benefits, this wire-free sports bra not only offers a comfortable level of support, it also offers a cooling effect due to being made out of airframe fabric.

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