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The Best Tankini Swimsuits: Cute, Sexy and Supportive Tankini Tops

Tankinis are truly the MVP of swim season! This two-piece is a unique silhouette that works effortlessly for every age, figure, activity level, and style preference. The best tankinis offer modesty when you want it, and they’re easy to wear offering all the conveniences of a two piece. You can even have fun mixing and matching tops and bottoms to create more cute tankini options than ever! 


Why choose a tankini? 

There’s lots of great reasons to choose a tankini! 

  • Great for anyone who wants more coverage, but has a hard time finding a one-piece that fits well on the bottom and the top

  • Those who prefer mixing and matching and want to affordably extend their swimwear wardrobe 

  • The tank-top style top offers more coverage from the sun than a bikini 


Is a tankini flattering? 

Many people actually choose tankinis because they are flattering and come in so many different styles from underwire tankinis, plus size tankinis, and even slimming tankinis. There are also tons of different strap options from halter to a wrap style. It’s really all about finding the right style to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for tummy coverage or tankini tops with support, there are choices out there for you. 


Are tankinis out of style? 

No, tankinis aren’t out of style! We at Bare Necessities value style and great fit over trends. Meaning, we value dressing for your body over trying to fit into the latest fad. Tankini bathing suits are an enduring classic of unique women’s swimwear because they are super flattering on every body. It’s all about finding a style of two piece tankini that’s best for you. 


Tankini Tops with Support for Bigger Busts 

Tankini tops are a great option for women with bigger busts who want a little more coverage but don’t want a one-piece. There are lots of underwire tankinis to choose from in every color and style with bra-like construction, which is especially helpful for those who wear a DD+ bra.  


Customer favorite tankini tops with support: 

Best Slimming Tankini Tops 

Tankini swimsuits are an excellent choice for those looking for some tummy coverage or a slimming effect in their midsection. A Tankini top still has the flexibility for movement of a bikini, with a slightly more covered look. Ruching, ruffles, and the artful twist are all what gives these tankinis their slimming effect. 


Our favorite slimming tankinis: 


Best Plus Size Tankini Tops 

Tankini tops are an excellent option for plus sizes and fuller figures. Tankini tops offer flattering silhouettes that emphasize natural curves and play up your best assets. 


Best Plus Size Tankinis: 


Whatever you’re looking for in women’s swimwear, you can find it in a tankini! A two-piece tankini is truly the most customizable piece of swimwear. You can make it whatever you want whether that’s cute, modest, or sexy!