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Best Sports Bra Features for Large Breasts

Everyone deserves to feel good when working out, and having a great sports bra will help you get there. The right sports bra for women with large breasts will banish bounce, helping you get more out of your workout. Streamlined, stylish and, most of all, supportive, we consider our hand-picked selection of sports bras some of the best bras for any full-busted woman.

Good options for women with DD+ busts are proportionately designed, with wide straps and bands. Some also have high necklines. The more material you have, the more support your breasts get and the less they'll shift around.

High-performance sports bras are made with synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester, which wick away sweat. Some styles have mesh panels or cut-outs for supreme breathability and style.

Supportive Sports Bra Styles

There are two main types of sports bras: compression and encapsulation. Snug compression sports bras hold your breasts in place, some without underwire. The compression style can be a bit more comfortable for some DD+ women. They suit low-impact workouts, which is why you may see one called a yoga bra for a large bust.

Encapsulation bras always have individual cups and underwires. These bras support and separate the breasts from one another to reduce chafing. The defined cups can also help you prevent the uniboob look. All these perks make encapsulation bras the most popular for large-busted women.

How To Choose a Sports Bra If You Have Large Breasts

Consider which bra provides the right support for your favorite workouts. Highly supportive encapsulation bras suit high-impact workouts like running and Zumba. If you prefer low-impact exercises like yoga and Pilates, a compression sports bra should be enough. Women who mix up their workouts may choose a couple of sports bras. Unless you participate in gentle exercise, you'll probably prefer an encapsulation or hybrid encapsulation-compression bra.

Look for DD+ bras with clever features like J-hooks for security and convertibility and hook-and-eye closures for easy removal in the locker room. Front adjustable straps help you personalize your fit without resorting to contortions.

The right size bra won't ride up or let you spill out when you're working hard. Use our size chart to make sure your preferred sports bra fits the way it should. If you want a second opinion, our Bra Fit Experts are here to help.

Whether you prefer gentle workouts or high-intensity cardio that pushes your body to the limit, Bare Necessities has the right sports bra for you. With a wide range of full-figured and full-busted styles ranging from 28DD to 56K, our bras give you the comfort you need toslay your fitness goals. Shop DD+ bralettes for superior comfort and movement.