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Get ready for your next workout or activity with your perfect sports bra. A well-fitted, supremely supportive style will let you stay focused on what you’re doing, and not your boobs. Read more



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Sports Bras for Extra Support While You Work Out

Why settle for a good sports bra when you could have a great sports bra? The right bra can make all the difference when it comes to getting the most from your workout. In fact, just about every activity that requires more than a little physical exertion is more enjoyable in a sports bra that keeps your breasts exactly where they should be. Here at Bare Necessities, we have the best sports bras that won't hold you back from achieving your personal best.

Advantages of Different Sports Bra Styles

Boost your workout with sports bras built to support you during whatever workout gets you going. Whether it’s yoga, cardio, Zumba or kickboxing, the versatile high impact sports bras we carry are all up to the challenge. Underwire sports bras, racerback sports bras and padded sports bras have their fans; each style supports you in a way no regular bra can, whatever the impact level.

Like any bra, sports bras can be wire-free or contain an underwire. There are advantages to both styles, but considering your body shape and preferred exercise can help you choose the right option for your workout wardrobe. Sports bras with underwire are usually what's known as encapsulation bras. These bras have individual cups that separate the breasts and lift breasts up, which can relieve pressure on your back and shoulders. They're different from compression bras, which support the breasts by holding them against the body. Read the product descriptions carefully to make sure your preferred bra has the features that matter to you.

Your bra's fabric also impacts your comfort level. Sports bras are always made from moisture-wicking materials, but natural fibers don't carry sweat away as well as synthetic options can. Soft cotton will serve you well during light workouts, but if you're pushing your body to the limit consider polyester or polypropylene. Don't forget the importance of fabric when it comes to your underwear! Explore our top picks for the best underwear for working out.

If you need extra support for high-impact workouts, you'll love a racerback. Tank top straps are highly customizable, so you can create the perfect fit every time. Criss-cross straps are the least supportive, but since you can easily conceal them, they're great for transitioning out of the gym. If you're an avid runner, check out our guide to the best sports bras for running

Buying a Sports Bra at Bare Necessities

To find the best bra for you, start by selecting the style you like in the size you need with the amount of coverage you’re looking for. Size-wise, a sports bra will generally be the same as your regular bra. Not sure what bra size or fit you need? Check out our bra sizing calculator and sizing page, or call 1.877.728.9272, x4, to talk to one of our certified Bra Fit Experts today. We'll help you get on top of your game.

Sports bras now are designed to be breathable, with comfortable bands and moisture-absorbing materials that deliver sweat-wicking, stay-dry style. Our sports bras are also engineered to minimize the movement of your breasts while seriously lifting and supporting them. Regular bras are designed to counter the effects of gravity; sports bras are designed to stop your breasts from moving in every direction. All of these padded, racerback and underwire sports bras are constructed with high-tech materials to fit securely in comfort and style.

Browse Bare Necessities for a sports bra that's cute, comfortable and supportive. We have the best sports bras from top activewear brands, including Brooks, Champion and Under Armour, along with leading lingerie labels like Panache, Natori, Wacoal and Elomi. With these sports bras in your collection, there's nothing holding you back.