Sexy Stockings & Hosiery

No matter the season, hosiery in any form is a sexy addition to any lingerie or outfit ensemble. And while there are definitely stocking options that are designed to keep you warm as well as highlight your legs, there are just as many styles available that exist purely to make you look good. So whether you’re looking for the perfect thigh high to clip into your garter belt or just want some tights that are as conservative as they are sultry, there’s something for every hosiery lover here at Bare Necessities.

Sexy Hosiery Styles

If you’ve ever shaved your legs and gotten into freshly cleaned sheets, you know how good quality material can feel against the skin of your legs. Lingerie hosiery can give the same sensations - but even more than quality material, lingerie stockings highlight the shape of your legs in a way that helps make you feel as confident and sexy as you look when wearing them. Sound like something you’d like but you’re not sure where to start? No worries! There’s a whole world of hosiery out there just waiting to be discovered; with so many styles, colors, and patterns that you’ll be sad you hadn’t discovered it sooner. Take a look below to learn the basics or check out our Best Tights to discover even more!

Sexy Thigh Highs

One of the classics of sexy hosiery are thigh highs - probably because they’re basically the original stocking back when there was no stretch or adhesive and you needed garters to keep your stockings from rolling down. Today, there’s no longer a specific need to wear thigh highs for garters but the reason they still exist is because of how hot they look. Seriously, forget being practical, if you’re looking to make a jaw-dropping statement when you show off wearing a lingerie look, you’re definitely going to want to opt for some thigh length sexy pantyhose.

Lace Stockings

When it comes to stockings, there are two types of ways lace can be incorporated into a look. The first is lace detailing along the top of thigh highs where the garter would clip into the stocking. If you’re looking to keep the lace you’re wearing a secret only for you and hidden underneath an outfit or only want a small amount of lace to round out your look, this is the way to go. Another option for lace stockings is for the entire pantyhose to be made out of lace. And while this can sometimes include the top of a thigh high as well, lace stockings can also fully encompass your legs in lace. If you’re looking to make a bold and lace-filled statement, then this is the option for you.

Fishnets Stockings

While there are many stocking types on this list that are as sophisticated as they are sultry, when it comes to fishnet stockings it’s all about being bold. Fishnets have been used in alternative street style looks for decades so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they have an almost tough quality that’s as powerful as it is sexy. It’s part of the reason fishnets are also a common go-to when dressing up during costume-centered holidays and parties. So if you’re looking to make a strong and sexy statement with your lingerie, fishnet stockings might be exactly what you need to complete your outfit.


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