Prima Donna Bras for Women

No matter your bust size, you deserve to wear beautiful lingerie that makes you feel breathtakingly gorgeous. This is the feeling that the luxury intimate apparel brand Prima Donna has been striving to create for over one hundred years. And, as you can see, they’ve definitely been successful. With a range of products that are as luxurious as they are supportive and practical, Prima Donna bras, panties, and shapewear that, once you put on, you’ll never want to take off.

Prima Donna Luxury Bra Styles

Knowing that a brand makes their products with incredible quality and thoughtful design is one thing, investing in their pieces in another. When it comes to Prima Donna bras, you’re definitely going to want to know what bras are the best purchase for you. So if you’re searching for that perfect Prima Donna lingerie bra or want the best wireless Prima Donna bras that are available, here are the luxury bra styles you’re going to want to look out for. Find your perfect fit but don’t want to pay the luxury prices? Check out our Prima Donna Sale page which has some awesome deals that you’ll want to jump on.

Prima Donna Plus Size Bras

More than having a wide range of DD+ bras to choose from, there are also a bunch of Prima Donna plus size bras to choose from. There are even bras with extra support, perfect for plus size bodies. Prima Donna has a range of full coverage bras like the Seamless Satin Bra and bras with extra support like the Madison Side Support Bra to provide options for a range of body sizes and breast types.

Prima Donna Seamless Bras

As much as you love your bras, there are many times when it’s best if they stay hidden. Combat any visible bra lines that could ruin your outfit with a seamless bra! From lacy options that scream luxury to the perfect everyday bra options, there’s something for anyone who doesn’t want their bra to take attention away from their outfit.

Prima Donna T-Shirt Bras

Speaking of the perfect everyday bra, there’s a reason the t-shirt bra is such a popular choice for those that want to stay supported and comfortable throughout the day. T-shirt bras are everyday full bust bras that’s designed to not show through even the thin material of a t-shirt. It’s also so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing it. 

Prima Donna Sports Bras

The secret to luxury bras doesn’t lie in the delicate fabrics you might see in a lace bra, rather it lies in the quality of the construction as well as the support it provides. Which is why a Prima Donna sports bra like the The Gym High Impact Underwire Sports Bra is just as luxurious as the most beautiful Prima Donna lingerie.

Prima Donna Plunge Bra

If you’ve got a plunging neckline that always shows off your bra underneath, it’s time to buy a plunge bra. Plunge bras are designed to fit those low cut necklines by having cups that slope inwards towards the chest. Never worry about your bra showing again in a Prima Donna plunge bra!

Choose Your Size

Now that you have an idea as to what bra styles are out there, it’s time to do some shopping. The first step to shopping for DD+ or plus size bras is knowing your size. Which, may be easy to measure, can sometimes be hard when a brand runs a bit too large or too small. So where do Prima Donna bras lie on that spectrum? You’ll be happy to hear it’s a true to size fit. Just make sure you’re purchasing the correct size, as this is an EU sized bra. If you need to convert your bra size, see the size chart on the product page or contact a Bra Fit Expert.