PJ Harlow Pajamas & Sleepwear

Forget having to choose between dressing for comfort and dressing to feel beautiful, with the fluid, flattering fabrics and incredible craftsmanship that make up PJ Harlow pajamas, you get the best of both worlds. Known for their satin pajama sets and nightgowns, women-run brand PJ Harlow is the perfect loungewear choice when you’re looking to add a bit of luxury to your evening routine. Regardless of if you’re looking to relax after a long day with a glass of wine, want sleepwear that will surround you in soft fabrics as you drift to sleep, or want to elevate a slow Sunday morning, PJ Harlow has something for every type of woman in a range of styles that work for pretty much any loungewear need.

PJ Harlow Satin Pajamas

In case you didn’t know, satin is one of the best materials out there for you. Especially when you’re sleeping. Satin doesn’t retain moisture like some other synthetic fabrics do, which means it’s a great material to wear when you’d like for skincare products to stay on you and not get absorbed into your clothes. Because satin doesn’t retain moisture, it also attracts fewer dust particles and mites. It’s even hypoallergenic and can sometimes come recommended to help symptoms of certain skin conditions. The best part about satin though? It is smooth, soft, and luxe which makes for the perfect fabric and it’s why PJ Harlow is known for their satin sleepwear above all else: because PJ Harlow cares about the experience of wearing their nightwear as much as they care about how cute it is on. So when you’re shopping for your next pair of pajamas, keep in mind the satin shorts, pants, tanks, dresses, and robes of PJ Harlow.

PJ Harlow Robes

Falling in love with wearing a robe as your go-to loungewear option is easy when you’re wearing a PJ Harlow robe such as the Shala Ribbed Kit Robe which is made out of a buttery soft stretch cotton with a satin trim. And even if it’s not the Shala Robe, investing in a beautiful robe from a brand like PJ Harlow that has made it into articles like the Best Women’s Pajamas can only ever be a quality choice that will elevate your everyday experiences.

PJ Harlow Pants & Shorts

When you’re shopping for your next favorite PJ Harlow pajama set, you’re probably going to have to decide if you want to wear shorts, pants or if you’d rather not choose and get both. No matter what you decide, PJ Harlow has made it easy to pick the style that works best for your lifestyle with coordinating pants, shorts, and even capris that come in the same colors and have matching tops. Talk about versatility! No need to get a bunch of different coordinating sets, you can mix and match the styles that you like so you’re getting the exact pajama set that you want.

PJ Harlow Pajama Tops

Speaking of coordinating sets, no PJ Harlow pajama set is complete without a top (or tops). With a range of luxe satin and cotton styles that are just begging to be worn, it’s easy to understand why PJ Harlow is considered to be a Luxury Sleep Brand. And while materials and construction are just part of what makes up the quality pieces of PJ Harlow, tops like the Roxxy Satin Lounge Top really highlight how effortless and cool the brand’s pieces truly are.

PJ Harlow Nightgowns

No list of pajama styles is complete without the ever-classic nightgown. And whether you prefer your nightgowns to be a bit more modern and relaxed like the Stoney Crew Neck Sleep Shirt or prefer a sleeker and more elegant look like the Allie Satin Chemise, there’s something for everyone. 

PJ Harlow Sale

Just because you love a luxury brand, doesn’t mean that you have to love the price tag that comes with it. In fact, that’s probably one of the worst things about finding a brand you love and realizing that all of its best features cost more money than you’d like to spend. Luckily, there’s a solution - just wait for it to go on sale! It’s seriously that easy. So if you’re in the market for some PJ Harlow pajamas but want to save a bit of money, check the PJ Harlow sale page before you make your purchase just to make sure you’re getting the best deal that you can.


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