P.J. Salvage Pajamas & Sleepwear

P.J. Salvage pajamas really are what sweet dreams are made of. From luxurious fabrics, fun prints, and a dedication to sustainable practices, P.J. Salvage is a California-based Luxury Sleep Brand whose whole purpose is to make sure your loungewear experience is that of comfort and happiness. Which they do through an incredible understanding of the P.J. Salvage pajama customer and what makes them happy. Namely, that you feel good when you’re in quality fabric and design, when you get to wear sleepwear that’s fun and colorful, and when you know that the nightwear brand you’re wearing is doing its best for the planet. With all that, it’s really no surprise that P.J. Salvage Pajamas consistently make it onto our Best Women’s Pajamas and list.

P.J. Salvage Pajama Styles

With cheeky prints and contemporary styling, a P.J. Salvage pajama set always stands out from the ordinary. And they do. P.J. Salvage loungewear comes in lively prints that range from holiday motifs to French bulldog pajamas. P.J. Salvage nightwear makes sure there’s something for everyone.

P.J. Salvage Pajama Pants

When you’re looking to unwind, there’s nothing quite as comfortable as a pair of comfortable and lightweight sleep pants. Whether you prefer fun patterns, or to keep it simple, finding a go-to favorite pair of pajama pants like the Modal Pajama Pants by P.J. Salvage is definitely going to improve your evenings.

P.J. Salvage Flannel Pajamas

Flannel is an incredibly comfortable nightwear option. It’s typically made of cotton which makes them super breathable, but can be worn year round because of its thickness and durability. Flannel makes for some of the best PJs which is why it should come as no surprise that P.J. Salvage Flannel Pajama Set is a well loved favorite that comes in a variety of prints that range from holiday motifs to stars and even cartoon cars.

P.J. Salvage Pajama Shorts

If you’ve ever woken up with your pajama pants rolled up to your hips, you know why having a pair of pajama shorts is important for a comfortable night's rest. There’s just so much more range of motion in case you move around a lot in your sleep! Another benefit is that P.J. Salvage pajama shorts like the La Vie En Rose Knit Lounge Short or the Kiss Me Goodnight Knit Shorts not only have super cute and playful prints, they’re also the perfect sleepwear option during the summer.

P.J. Salvage Robes

A robe is basically the sleepwear equivalent of a light cardigan or jacket. Which is why it makes sense that no loungewear set is complete without one. Plus, a robe makes the transition from PJs to everyday clothes much easier by getting rid of the need to walk from your shower to your closet in nothing but a towel. They’re truly one of the best P.J. Salvage loungewear pieces available for purchase.

P.J. Salvage Nightgowns

Feeling flirty and want to wear something to bed that flows around you and like a giant t-shirt, but cuter? You’re going to want to check out some P.J. Salvage nightgowns. They’re cute, they’re comfy, and whether you’re looking for a fun print as seen with the Molly Modal Chemise or want to keep it classic like with the Modal Chemise, there’s something for everyone.


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