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Black Lace Bras for Every Occasion

There are just some things every woman should own: a comfy pair of heels, a little black dress, and a black lace bra. Especially the black lace bra, which is, by far, the most versatile addition you could make to your underwear drawer. A black lace bra is elegance and sensuality tied up in a bow of timeless allure that can be worn again and again and paired with pretty much anything. It’s the classic of all classics, the little black dress of the lingerie world, and feels as good to wear as it does look good to be wearing.

When to Wear a Black Lace Bra

Versatility is an important quality to have in your lingerie. And, really, what’s the point of a beautiful bra and panty pair sitting at the bottom of your lingerie drawer if you never even wear it? With a good black lace bra, you’ll never have to search for it at the bottom of your closet, you’ll find yourself wearing it in constant rotation simply because it’s versatile enough to be worn as lingerie as well as an everyday bra. Don’t believe that a black lace bra is that easy to wear? Here's some occasions to sport women’s black lace bras.

For Yourself

The most important time to put on black lacy bras will always be for yourself. In fact, the most important time to wear any kind of lingerie will always be for yourself. It’s like a sexy secret that only you know and adds a bit of confidence to your walk and swing to your steps. Lingerie is a sensory experience founded in delicate fabrics and sensual details; and black lace bras, specifically, look good on absolutely everyone no matter their age, body shape, size, or skin tone. 

For Someone Else

As much as everything you wear should first and foremost bring you joy, there are plenty of occasions when thinking about someone else plays just as much a part. Lingerie is one of those times because sometimes you get dressed to be undressed and you want to wear something that makes you feel desirable. A black lace bra will always do exactly that and will always look and feel incredible as you wear it.

On a Night Out

A black lace bra isn’t only something that should be hidden or revealed at the end of a night - or under a trench coat. It can also be worn for fun nights out with friends or out to a party or club. Pair a black lace bra under a sheer top or an oversized unbuttoned jacket for a sensual look that both super cool and sexy.

Peeking Out of an Everyday Look

Underwear as outerwear isn’t only about a night-life look, there are many ways to take your black lace bra from the night time to the daytime. One such way is to style a look with a peek-a-boo moment. Unsure what that means? Simply put on your black lace bra and pair it with a slouchy button-down blouse - may we suggest something silky to amp up the timeless elegance. Instead of wearing that button up as you might normally, unbutton it so that your bra shows. It’s up to you whether you want your bra to be fully shown or only be a hint through the opening of your top, but no matter what you choose, it’s sure to make a statement.

Popular Black Lace Bra Styles

Knowing when you want to wear something is only the first step of shopping, so it really shouldn’t be surprising that once you’ve decided you want to get a black lace bra, you then have to decide what bra style to invest in. Luckily, here at Bare Necessities, we’ve compiled an incredible selection of unique black lace bras made of quality fabrics and designed for whatever support level you’re looking for.

Whether you're looking for some extra lift and support from an underwire or push-up bra; or maybe you're looking for the comfort a wireless bra or bralette can provide; or you're trying to conceal your bra with something seamless or a plunging neckline; we have something you'll love. If you're browsing and have questions on style or fit, talk to one of our bra fit experts!