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C Cup Bras: Sizes 28C to 58C

If the “C” of a C cup bra stood for anything, it would be a choice. With a C cup almost every style of bra was designed to fit you which means that you’re amongst the lucky group of people who have so many options in your size that any bra you choose is pretty much personalized to your every need and design preference. As amazing as having the world of bra options at your fingertips is, it also means you might find yourself overwhelmed with all of the options available and unable to sort through them. Read on for some tips on finding the best bra for you.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

The first rule of C cup bra shopping is that the best bras will always be the ones you feel most comfortable in. Sounds simple, right? Not exactly, it can actually be pretty difficult to figure out what makes a bra comfortable. Here’s a hint, though, most of what makes a comfy bra lies in the fit. 

Having a well-fitting bra is imperative to having a bra you love to wear and will last you a long time. Luckily, as a C cup, most bras are designed with your breast size specifically in mind. No matter your size, however, the first step to finding your perfect fit is making sure you’re shopping for your right size. To find out whether or not the size C bra is right for you check out this comprehensive Bra Fit Guide which walks you through everything you need to know about finding your right size. Still not sure? Go ahead and start a chat with one of our Bra Fit Experts who can walk you through choosing the right size during checkout.

The Best Bras for C Cups

Now onto the fun part of shopping for a bra: finding the best bras for C cups for you. To get you started, here is a list of the best C cup bras for women and a brief description about what makes them special:

Full Coverage Bras

Just as there are different levels of support that you can get from your bra, there are also different levels of coverage. A full coverage bra refers to a style of bra that fully covers the entirety of your breast tissue. This style of bra traditionally has a large amount of support, thicker and more comfortable straps and band, and a higher neckline than other bras. A full coverage bra is a great everyday bra for C cup sizes when you need a little extra support.

C Cup Push-Up Bra

Designed to draw the eyes, a push-up bra is a style of bra that performs magic. Not really, though it is a style of bra that gives the appearance of larger cleavage. There are different levels of lift that a push up bra can give, but no matter what you choose, a trusty push-up can make for comfortable C-cup lingerie with a big wow factor.

C Cup Sports Bras

While the best C cup bras are heavily determined by what your personal preferences are, there are still a couple of bra styles that belong in every person's wardrobe. One such bra is the sports bra. From high-impact to low-impact, no matter your activity level, there’s a sports bra that can be used while you’re running a marathon and one that will keep your breasts supported as you roll off a couch.

C Cup Plunge Bras

Plunge bras feature a deep plunge neckline which characterizes the style of bra. This style of bra is great for showing off a bit of skin and for deep V necklines. If you’re looking for more supportive bras for C cups but like the style, a plunge bra can sometimes feature side support panels which help to distribute your breast tissue towards the side and away from the middle so that there isn’t any spillage.

C Cup Bralettes

Bralettes are both incredibly comfortable and super cute and, depending on the fabric and the cut, can range from sporty loungewear to sultry lingerie. Keep in mind, though, that while the best bralettes for C cups and other cup sizes have more support than they have in the past, the bralette does not offer as much support as a regular bra style.

Demi C Cup Bras

Another name for the Demi cup bra is the half cup bra which, as the name suggests, is a bra that has half a cup. This makes this style of bra both super sexy and a great bra to pair with low cut and square necklines. Demi cup bras highlight the natural shape of your C cup breasts and act as a sort of shelf bra that lifts them from below.

More Bra Sizes

Not looking for a C cup bra or are in need of searching out your sister size? Check out our selections of A, B, D, E, F, and G cup bras.


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