Bra-Sized Swimsuits

Bra-sized tankini and bra-sized bikini tops guarantee a flattering fit in your most revealing outfits: bathing suits. These supportive “swim bras” hook you up with the coverage that’s best for your breast shape and size, in the fit and brands you already know and love. Read more



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The Best Bra Sized Swimwear & Swim Bras

Bra-sized swimwear is perfect for summer because it combines the support of an underwire bra with the outstanding fit of swimwear cups. Whether you're heading off on a beach vacation or doing laps in the pool, Bare Necessities has a vast selection of bathing suits by bra size in a rainbow of colors and styles tailor-made for you and your warm-weather plans. 

Bra-Sized Swimsuits by Cup Size

Bare Necessities applies the same expert bra sizing to both lingerie and swimwear, which means you can get that same perfect fit you know and love in a supportive swimsuit in your cup size. 

The best way to determine your bra size is to measure around your ribcage just below your bust, to get the band length, then measure across your boobs to get your bust measurement. Put those measurements into our calculator and we’ll tell you what your bra size is. 

Once you’ve determined your bra size, you can apply that to tons of different bra-size bathing suit styles from bra-sized bikini tops to bra-size tankinis and even bra-sized one-piece swimsuits. Bare Necessities has refined a system for helping you to figure out your perfect cup size swimwear. Now, you can focus more on feeling great and having fun in the sun, and less on whether your suit is supporting you enough. Luckily, bra-sized swimwear is true to size and doesn’t change when wet. Your swimsuit cup size is typically the same as your bra size, which makes swimsuit shopping for the best bra-sized swimwear easy. 

What Swimsuit is Best for Big Breasts?

Supportive swimsuits that offer the same structure and comfort as your favorite bra are typically the best for women with big breasts. This means that the swimsuit has a built in bra and underwire to keep you feeling confident in the water and on the beach. Some people might think that having a larger bust limits your swimwear options, but that’s simply not true. Built-in swim bras come in all different styles, colors, and looks. There’s truly no reason to limit yourself. 

Best Bra-Sized Swimwear 

Bare Necessities carries a wide range of underwire and supportive swimsuits. Our selection of swim bras spans the classic, slimming black one-piece swimsuit by bra size, bra-sized bikini tops in tropical bursts of color, halter top swimsuits, bra-sized tankinis with underwire and loads more in bold stripes, fun florals or eye-catching solids. We also carry dozens of the top swimsuits by bra size from best-in-class brands such as Freya, Elomi, Fantasie, Panache, and other industry standouts. Our unrivaled assortment of bathing suits by bra size offers everyone chic options without sacrificing comfort or support. Discover your new favorite swim bra and bra-sized swimwear today!