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B Cup Bras

Whether you’re new to the bra buying game or have been at it for years, sorting through the seemingly endless sea of options can sometimes be a bit daunting. You can rest easy knowing that the selection of B cup bras at Bare Necessities is built on a foundation of quality and style backed up by expert recommendation and user reviews. Fortunately, having a ton of options is a good thing as it allows you to find the right bra for you based on your personalized needs and wants. So don’t settle, instead take full advantage of all the choices you have access to as someone shopping for a B cup bra size and narrow your choices down with the considerations listed below.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

First things first, you should make sure that you’re shopping for the right bra size - you’d be surprised at how often someone thinks they know their true size only to learn they’ve been wearing an ill-fitting bra for years. To double check B size bras are right for you, simply check out this helpful bra fit calculator which will walk you through everything you need to know about measuring for your perfect bra fit. It should also do a good job of answering any and all questions you may have; but if you find yourself wanting a more personal touch, connect with one of our Bra Fit Experts.

Common issues with finding the right fit for a B cup bra is that there will be gaps where you don’t want them. Your bra should form to your body so it doesn’t move but also doesn’t dig into your skin in any way. Likewise, if your cups have space in them and gape, your cup size is too large. 

In the case of cups that are too small, you’ll find that the cup doesn’t fully contain your breasts and they dig into the tissue of your boobs. You might also find that your breast tissue is spilling out of your cups and you’re constantly having to readjust. If your bust size is larger than the cup size you’re wearing, the middle of the bra might not fit closely to your chest the way it should.

B Cup Bra Styles

One of the best ways to make it easier to buy B cup bras online is by limiting your choices down to a specific style of bra you’re looking for. This is because each style of bra brings something slightly different to the table and all have benefits that fit particular circumstances and needs. To help you get started on narrowing down your style choices so you can focus on your favorite colors and materials, here’s a list of the best bras for B cup sizes.

Lightly Lined B Cup Bras

A lightly lined bra highlights the natural size and shape of your cleavage without showing too much of your natural shape the way an unlined bra might. In other words, your nipples will stay hidden, your shape enhanced but not changed, and your B cup bra will keep you supported!

B Cup Sports Bras

Regardless of your activity level, everyone should have at least one good sports bra in their underwear drawer. Of course, being a B cup is no exception to this. Rather, it is a common misconception that sports bras for small busts don’t need as much support as other cup sizes. In reality, they need the same level of support, though that support might not be as hard to achieve with a smaller bust. 

B Cup T-Shirt Bras

A t-shirt bra is one of the absolute best everyday bra styles available for B cup sizes; it’s naturally seamless, super comfortable, and minimally cute while still providing molded support that shapes your chest. All of which combines to mean it can pretty much be worn under anything and makes for a super convenient and versatile bra.

B Cup Push-Up Bras

Everybody deserves to show off their cleavage for the world to see and even more, to enhance that cleavage as much as you would like. For those moments where you want to wow, no bra lifts and shows off your boobs the way a push-up bra can.

B Cup Balconette Bras

A balconette bra does not provide full coverage in the cups. Instead, a balconette bra cuts across the top of your cleavage lower than an average bra while supporting your chest from below - effectively lifting and shaping your breasts. Balconette bras are an ideal bra style for a quality lingerie look and permit a lower and square neckline.

B Cup Bralettes

One of the biggest benefits of wearing a B cup bra is that you don’t have to worry too much about supporting your breasts. Which means that you can comfortably wear pretty much any bralette that you could want. Bralettes are the unwired soft-bra cousin to the regular bra and are as comfortable as they are stylish. 

More Bra Sizes

Not looking for a B cup bra or are in need of searching out your sister size? Check out our selection of A, C, D, E, F, and G cup bras.


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