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38C Le Mystère $40andUnder

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38C Le Mystère $40andUnder (1 Result)

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  • Le Mystère Safari T-Shirt Bra
    • Le Mystère
    • Safari T-Shirt Bra
    • 5 reviews
    • Colors:
    • Feel fierce in this leopard trim, underwire T-shirt bra
    • Alluring pluning neckline and foam-lined cups
    • Incredible shape without excess padding
    • Customize your fit with back adjustable close-set straps
    • Soft, 3 column, 2 row hook and eye back closure
    • Featured Review:
    • on January 2, 2014
    • Great T-shirt Bra for +sizes (my mom + I BOTH love it but don't have similar shape)
    • Believe it or not, both my mom & I love this bra & wear it as our T-shirt bra even though we don't have the same breast type or body shape. Mine have lost a lot of "upper volume" as the bra fitters say, so I look for bras that will give me an uplifted, youthful rounded shape without super padding like a lot of push-up bras. For ex.b/f this bra, my fave bra was a cut & sew 'Wacoal Retro Chic' in 38-D. In this bra I had to go up to 38E (I believe it's b/c it's b/c of the low stance & plunge factor). My mom is very full busted/figured & can't find bras with straps that fall off her sloping shoulders OR sit flat on her center breastbone; so she cannot get separation. But this does the job great & the straps are fairly wide set. She had to go up in the cup size as well. The low stance also means you'll be able to wear it with any low scoop or v-neck shirt, & the fabric is smooth & doesn't show through anything. It's very comfy, the band is soft. Both of us get a great natural rounded shape. For me (the drooper) I get more of an Oomph b/c it has T-shirt padding. Also, no nips, lace or anything else to show even against skin-tight thin-knit tops. It also lifts & pushes them out a lot more than my Wacoal, making it my go-to bra for over a year now. I do have a bit of emptiness at the top area where the strap attaches, but b/c it is molded into a natural shape no one can tell. I like this a lot - a non-padded bra that can be worn with nearly everything. I had to go from my normal 38-D to a 38-E.
  • Viewing 1 Item

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