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32F Cake Lingerie T-Shirt Bras

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32F Cake Lingerie T-Shirt Bras (1 Result)

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  • Cake Lingerie Croissant Nursing Bra
    • Cake Lingerie
    • Croissant Nursing Bra
    • 30 reviews
    • Colors:
    • Incredibly soft and comfortable spacer fabric nursing bra
    • Breathable spacer foam cups offer modesty without the bulk
    • Supportive, flexible underwire maintains shape and promotes lift
    • Easy drop down cups for comfortable nursing
    • Pleated straps prevent adjusters from slipping
    • Featured Review:
    • on May 10, 2017
    • How I love this bra!
    • I bought this bra to contain the ladies. When you're a big chested girl like myself (I bought a 40 I in this brand) bra shopping is a nightmare. Shopping for a nursing bra even more so. For me, 67 dollars for a bra is a huge investment, but the frustration of falling out of my other bra convinced me to give it a go. The hallelujah chorus started when I tried on this bra. It is softer than other bras I have worn. There is support on both the sides and the undersides. This support actually puts the girls where they are supposed to be. The hook is much easier to unclasp than the ones you have to pinch, but it has never accidentally come unlatched. Quick access is wonderful as my daughter doesn't like to wait for her food! My only negative is after a full day of wear sometimes the wire on the side can rub a little. However, if you are looking for a bra that actually supports, this is it. It wouldn't be my go to sleep bra, but it makes me feel like I can go out in public. I was a bit surprised by the neon green on the inside, but it isn't obvious when wearing it. This big chested woman is pleased with the purchase!
  • Viewing 1 Item


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