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Wick’em: Moisture-Wicking Bra Liner 2-Pack
4 reviews
  • Moisture-wicking bra liner 2-pack with super absorption
  • Comfort liner prevents skin irritation, rash & wetness
  • Pulls perspiration away from skin and into cotton liner
  • Machine washable and reusable
  • Stretch polyester with 100% cotton fill
Featured Review:
on October 18, 2014
Why have I never seen these before?!
I have tried other makeshift items (washcloths, etc.) to help with the problem of wetness and subsequent rash--this works perfectly. For what they are, they seem kind of expensive, but since I have never even seen them anywhere else, I was glad to buy 2 sets. They came up as a "you might also be interested in" item as I was in Checkout for a bra; I don't see them anywhere else on your website.
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Viewing 1 Item