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Wick’em: Natural Bamboo Bra Liner
4 reviews
  • Moisture-wicking comfort bra liner for sensitive skin
  • Dye-free liner prevents rash, irritation & wetness
  • Pulls perspiration away from skin and into cotton liner
  • Machine washable and reusable
  • Natural stretch bamboo with 100% cotton fill
Featured Review:
on August 9, 2014
Works great A+
The liner works great at preventing the bra band from becoming wet and uncomfortable all day as well as saving your bra from sweat stains. At first it was rather hard and frustrating to learn a method to putting it on under the bra, but doesn't take long after practice. I would recommend this hands down. I have not had problems with it shifting and found it stays in place all day, even with activity. Also used this on a hot summer day of about 85 degrees and never was uncomfortable all day with sweating. Product length when in place goes to my armpits and does not need to be longer as it is a sufficient length (44D bra). The pieces that go into the cup could be a bit bigger, but the product works, so it doesn't bother me. I have also been tossing them into the regular laundry to clean and have had no issues.
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Viewing 1 Item