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Natori: Hidden Glamour Bra
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  • Comfortable, full fit underwire bra with lace trim
  • Foam-lined cups for a modest look
  • Gold logo charm on non-stretch center gore
  • Fully adjustable stretch straps
  • 3 column, 2 row hook and eye back closure
Featured Review:
on December 17, 2014
The Only Bra For Me
In the last few years I have become very sensitive to feeling too constricted in bras. I've tried on more brands and styles than I can count, and the band always feels too constricting in the back and on the sides. Perhaps it's because I had surgery 3 years ago, but I think it's just that I have very sensitive skin. I'm also a tad hard to fit, because now that I'm pushing 60 I just don't fill out the top portion of most bra cups, and I have a petite frame that makes many "full coverage" bras cover more than they're supposed to. My "official" bra size according to the expert fitters is 32DD aka 32E, but I have stopped buying that size because I can't stand the tight feeling of the band. Finally, one day, after an hour of trying on bras at a big department store, a sales assistant offered her help. I told her my whole story, including my aversion to 32" bands. She brought me this bra almost immediately in a size 34D and I could not believe how comfortable it was. For me, it is actually more comfortable than the "all lingerie" bras that have no hooks at all. Even more amazing, the fit is perfect for my petite figure. The cups end where they should and don't come up too high. Not sure why this is marketed as a "full coverage" bra, as I'm guessing it would not be so on a larger woman, but that's just a hunch. The only con is that the colors are a bit kooky, but the "gunmetal", which is a lavendarish gray color, is pretty and is a decent substitute for the black I usually wear with all my black and gray clothes. The cups are nicely contoured for modesty, and do not add a bra size to my ample enough chest. If anything, I would say it is slightly minimizing on me. And having said all that, it also gives good support and looks great under my tops. So, for me, this bra does it all.
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Viewing 1 Item