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40DD Leading Lady Underwire Bras

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Leading Lady: Molded Nursing Bra
5 reviews
  • Seamless, underwire nursing bra
  • Full cups provide comfortable support
  • Double-layer cups offer a natural looking shape
  • Easy-to-reach one-handed nursing clips
  • Comfortable stretch straps
Featured Review:
on March 24, 2012
In love, but.......
From the moment I tried it on I knew a match had been made! I detest bra shopping and even more so when nothing is as it usually would be - as is the case during pregnancy and nursing. I was even more thrilled when I saw the price of these bras compared to the ten others I tried on was the lowest. So for the first three months they were great. I got four of them to rotate through wearing and the wash which I thought would be plenty. However, after the first three months they started to get uncomfortable. There is a side support wire that sits vertically beneath your armpit. Due to a slight design flaw, the wire situates itself so that the fabric no longer holds it in place and it starts digging into the side of my torso. It started with just one (the black one) but then has since become a problem with all of them. That said, I know they recommend a bra life of six months and in theory I would be well past that life but in the past I've managed to maintain my bras for a year or better with special care. Who can afford new bras every six months? Now that I'm less than three months from weaning I'm not going to go buy more bras. And that serves to say that it isn't so uncomfortable that I can't stand it but there are days when I do just have to switch bras because one will be more uncomfortable than another. So, it's a mixed review. I would definitely buy them again because you can't compromise when you find a bra that fits right but I wish they would fix that small issue with the wire. I guess you just have to resolve yourself to buying more of them and hope they last you through the maternity/nursing period.
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