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Men's Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are a relatively new style to the men’s underwear arena. Yes…they’re a few years old, but briefs and boxers were the primary styles for men up until this newbie was born. This style is a combination of boxers and briefs so you’ve got the best features of each classic underwear style. Boxer briefs have certainly become one of the most popular underwear styles among men due to their comfort, style and fit. Boxer briefs fit similar to boxers except they have the support of a classic brief style. Most boxer briefs are trimmed with an elastic logo waistband, which can be a tonal color or a contrasting color. The main body of boxer briefs tends to be a solid color, which can be a neutral color or a bright fashion color. In terms of closure, some styles have a button fly front and others have a pouch front. It really depends on the wearer’s preference because both are equally comfortable. In terms of leg coverage, boxer briefs can be shorter like the typical trunk length or longer like the typical biker short length. And when it comes to fabric content, there are numerous fabrications available. The fabric content of boxer briefs range from cotton blends and silky modals to moisture-wicking polyesters and microfibers. Boxer briefs are also available in convenient multi-packs for your purchasing convenience. Brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Emporio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Nautica, Michael Kors and others manufacture high-quality boxer briefs in comfortable fabrics and neutral colors as well as fashion colors. Since boxer briefs have emerged, they’ve become a favorite underwear style for men.



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